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Aryan asks Imli to leave the kitty party now as his plan is about to fail. Tamarind stands up saying that she fails, then tells the women that her husband will fail everyone. She describes Aryan’s flaws and says that her husband is moody and cocky, he only sleeps for 4 hours, never completes his words and leaves a third word incomplete, she is very angry with his attitude. He is like a closed door that never tells what he feels or thinks. She keeps venting her annoyance on Aryan. Women say that their husband has crossed all limits, how can she tolerate such a demon. Aryan took out his annoyance on Mr. Sharma.

Narmada starts coughing. Arpita gives him water. Neela stops him and gives him spiky drink, to soothe his throat, ginger water is lying on his throat to soothe him. She then scolds him for giving too much generosity to Imli. Arpita says tamarind has gone out for work. Neela says DIL has a duty to serve her MIL like Gudiya is serving. Narmada’s condition worsens by drinking spiky drinks. Neela thinks of harming Narmada and Imli.

Tamarind thinks she hasn’t got a clue yet and tells the ladies that they are lo-fi and she is hi-fi, so they should learn to air kiss like her. She teaches them to do air kisses. Lady thanks him and says that she can come to his house next time. He takes the woman aside and lies that her husband is losing his job and will not have money to play cards; She asks how her husband earned so much money because she also wants to earn money. Lady says that if her husband forgets the difference between right and wrong, then he too can earn a lot of money like my husband. Tamarind asks what her husband does. Lady is about to reveal when her friends call her and leave after kissing in the air. Tamarind says now that her friends are gone, she can uncover the secret now. Lady says that she will be coming later as her husband and asks Tamarind to leave for now. Tamarind drops her purse and a voice recorder falls out of it. Lady asks about it. Tamarind acts quickly and hides.

The condition of Narmada remains the same. Arpita called the pharmacy and scolded her for not having medicine for Narmada. Tamarind hides in a bathroom, calls the pharmacist, and tells him to personally deliver the medicine to her home. The woman goes to the room with her husband who scolds her for wasting money in kitty parties and shopping and says that he will control her expenses from here. She asks him why did he marry him if he cannot meet his needs. He says that his boss is not increasing his salary. She asks if her boss forgot what happened 4 years back. He says the boss forgot that if he hadn’t done what he did 4 years ago, no one would know Purandas company anymore; Arvind Shekhawat had captured the entire market. Tamarind’s phone rings.

The husband asks his wife if her party is not over yet. She says it ended long ago and checks the bathroom. Tamarind hides behind the door and runs through the window, but finds out that she has left her recorder in the bathroom. Lady picks up the recorder and says that her new friend brought it. Husband asks what is her name. Lady says she doesn’t know. The husband says that his friend deliberately entered the party and recorded the whole thing. He looks for the cameras. The newspaper falls down. The lady sees the picture of Tamarind and Aryan’s wedding in the newspaper and tells the husband that she is his new friend. The husband learns that Aryan’s wife had come inside and saw him.

Narmada’s condition worsens. Neela shouts that if Tamarind had brought the medicine on time, this situation would not have happened. Pharmacists dispense medicine. receives the doll. Arpita asks did tamarind come. The doll hides medicine and lies. She tells Neela about it, and Neela tells her to hide medicines like cashew nuts in the koftas.

Aryan at work is worried for Tamarind. He prints his wedding photo and adds it to a blank photo frame. He calls Imli but finds her unreachable. He scolds the photo frame that Tamarind is really careless, asks her several times to have two sims, but she doesn’t listen, etc. A female employee walks in and reminds him that she has to judge a beauty pageant contest. Bhaskar Times. Aryan refuses. She says that she has signed a deal. Aryan agrees and asks her to send the details. Narmada called him and told that mother’s condition is deteriorating. He runs home and gets the medicine. Neela starts misbehaving with Imli. Aryan says tamarind phone is out of coverage, she gives more importance to family. Gudiya gives her medicine and says that she posted a request in social media and got it through one of her followers. Aryan gives medicine to Narmada and asks her to take rest. Aryan thanks Gudiya for administering the medicine. Gudiya holds her hand and starts molesting her. Arpita they should let the mother rest.

Aryan informs Arpita that he doesn’t want to judge a stupid beauty pageant contest where the models who want to be the heroine will talk about techniques. Arpita reminds that she herself wanted to be a supermodel. Aryan asks her not to talk about this secret. Gudiya insists on participating in the competition. Aryan says that he will do it here. Neela reminds him the favor of Gudiya. Aryan agrees. Imli goes to Aryans office and asks the employee about Aryan. The employee says he just went to a beauty pageant. Tamarind wonders whether Aryan knows about Sait Purandas or not.

Precap: Tamarind enters the factory with someone disguised as a factory worker to find out the connection between Sait Purandas and Arvind’s factory.

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