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Aryan breaks Tamarind’s laptop. Tamarind is shocked and asks what did she do. He catches her and says she did nothing, he spoiled her life since she entered his life, before that her thought process was clear, she is trying to interfere in her personal life. He further says that no one can enter Arvind’s room without his permission and she enters inside. She apologizes and says that she didn’t think that his feelings are attached to his room and asks if he doesn’t allow Arpiya to enter this room. He refused. She says can he not understand that without opening the door one cannot close. He says that he is adamant that Aditya is innocent. He asks her to keep things in this room as before. She says that she cleaned the mess in this room and was doing her job. He says he must do his job, he is a journalist and must use his attention and muscle memory and put things back. Imlie rearranges things. Aryan takes her out of the room and warns her not to dare to enter the room again. She says how could she get the information when she broke the laptop containing the list of employees. Aryan says that he taught her to get information.

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