Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 3

Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 3

Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 3

Episode 3

scene 1

A young prince whose face is poetic and full of dharma comes to a mansion and calls for Devika.

She comes and addresses him as Aryaputra. Yes, he is Yudhishthira, the prince of Hastinapur.

Yudhishthira: Devika, come and sit here. I know you’re mad at me.

Devika: Absolutely, I am. You have completely forgotten me since the last month.

Yudhi: No, I have been traveling to different states for country duty.

Devika: I understand, but still my heart and my baby need you.

Yudhi: I heard something that you will not ascend to the throne with me.

Devika: Yes, I will not.

Yudhi: why?

Devika: If you’re stepping on that, I’m afraid it must have happened to Devarji. Bhanu and I are living here as sisters. I don’t want to see him messed up.

Yudhi: Devika, I cannot promise you this. If there is a war, I need to fight them. Even the people want me to be the king. This is also my right. I am not saying that he should enjoy all these rights, I am saying to Duryodhana that we can share the rights. Hastinapur is a big country, we can work together. but…

Devika: Aryaputra, let’s leave it to the fate of God. talk about something else. Today our son’s actions are so visible. The child plays happily in my womb.

Yudhi touched her womb and kissed her belly.

Devika: Is kissing only for baby?

Yudhi smiled and kissed her forehead.

Just then the servant arrives and calls Yudhi as some people have come to meet her. She then says goodbye to Devika and leaves.

After some time…

A handsome young prince comes to visit her.

Prince: Sister-in-law…

Devika: Nakhul, come in.

Nakhul: I have brought these mangoes for you.

Devika: So, I thought of you. Thank you Nacul.

Nakhul: Bhabhishree, I love you very much. Even I tell you all the secrets.

Devika: What are you going to tell me now?

Nakhul: Sister-in-law, I have actually fallen in love with someone.

Devika is shocked.

Devika: who?

Nakhul: She is none other than your sister Karunmati.

Devika is relieved and happy.

Devika: You scared me for a minute…

Nakhul feels confused.

Devika: I know my sister loves you.

Nakhul: How?

Devika: I am not only his sister but also his mother. I took care of it and bought it. I know him very well. Every time she comes here, I have noticed her love for you from her many times.

Shame about Nakhul.

Nakhul: We both started to like each other since their marriage.

Devika smiled.

Devika: You two are a very sweet couple. Don’t worry, after Arjun’s marriage to Draupadi, I will talk to mom and arrange your marriage.

Nakhul: Thank you sister-in-law.

After that he leaves.

scene 2

Bhanu calls out to Vrishali and searches for her. He saw that she was sitting alone in the garden.

Bhanu: Vrushali, what happened? Why does your face look off?

Vrushali: Nothing princess.

Bhanu: You are my friend, tell me what happened?

Vrushali cries. Bhanu comforts her.

Bhanu: What happened?

Vrushali: I love Karna.

Bhanu is surprised.

Bhanu: what?

Vrushali: Yes, I love her since childhood. He had affection for me before too. But when he becomes king, he doesn’t even talk to me. He behaves like a stranger.

Bhanu: No Vrushali, it is not like that brother.

Vrushali: Even now he admires Draupadi and wants to marry her.

Bhanu: It won’t happen. He will not go there. Only Arjun Devarji will win and marry her.

Vrushali: How can you be so sure?

Bhanu: Vrushali, I promise you will marry him. I am very happy to hear this. you are perfect for him

Vrushali hugs him and thanks him.

scene 3

Bhima comes to a forest. She picks up a stone from the pond and throws it into the woods. Suddenly the trees see the door open. It is a Mayan jungle. Hidimba’s house. Currently, she is the queen there.

People welcome Bhima by throwing flowers at him. He greets everyone and finally goes to Hidimba’s cave palace.

She hugs him and tells him that she missed him a lot.

Then he takes his son and gives it to him.

Bhima: It is more than 2 years old.

Hidimba: We always grow up like this.

Bhima: Son, your aunt Bhanu has sent laddoos.

Hidimba: Is everything okay there? Are Bhanu didi and Devika didi alright? did you give him medicine? Maa, Rani, Mataji and Dadima are fine. his brother?

Bhima: Everyone is fine there. They all told you their wishes. And you have a surprise.

Hidimba: What?

Bheem shows him Shagun’s plate that Devika had sent him. Tears come to his eyes.

Bhima: Don’t cry.

Hidimba: I always wonder why I wasn’t born a royal princess and lived with you and your family. At least in the next incarnation, I need to be with you and your family.

Bhima comforted him. Gatotkacha cries…

Bhima and Hidimba play with him and he smiles.

Bheem: I guess you need a partner to play. Maybe a sister or a brother. Why can not we…

He teases her and she blushes…

They have happy moments.

scene 4

Kunti calls Vidur.

Widower: Babishree…

Kunti: Devarji, can you do me a favor?

Widow: Sure.

Kunti: Please send a royal letter to the king of Madra to send Sahadeva here. Arjun is about to get married and she needs to be here with him. He has been living there for about 2 months. Tell him to come back soon.

Widow: Sure, sister-in-law, now I’m sending it to you.

He goes…

Madras State…

Sahadeva is shown sitting and talking with a girl in the gardens.

Sahadeva: Vijaya, you are mine from childhood. I will talk to my mother soon after Arjun Bhai’s marriage.

Vijaya: I trust you.

She leans on his shoulder and they have a beautiful moment.

While in Panchal…

Draupadi anxiously looks towards the entrance.

Grandma: What are you waiting for?

Krsna: For me.

Draupadi is glad to see him. Dadisa smiles too. She greets them both and then leaves Dadisa.

Krsna: Friend…

Draupadi: Govinda, I am very confused about my marriage. I can’t choose a suitable boyfriend.

Krishna: I see… Friend, you are an incarnation of Agni. You have many other things to do. This is a simple problem.

Draupadi: That is what everyone says. But I don’t want that. I want a life that is simple and happy. Why should I sacrifice my happiness for others?

Krishna: Well, who do you think you would be happy with?

Draupadi: I think Karna.

Krishna smiled.

Krishna: Without dharma on your part, how can there be happiness?

Draupadi: He is donating money every day; How can you say that he will have no religion?

Krishna: Giving charity is not religion. It is more important to lead a life on the path of Dharma.

Draupadi looks confused.

Krishna: Sakhi com…, sit here.

Krishna: Karna is with Duryodhana. He could have led his friend down the path of justice, but he failed. This is not the love you have for him. He is respect and sympathy for them. He just thinks, you will get the truth. Ask your heart who you love. Take your time and think carefully.

He says… Draupadi thinks of Karna and Arjun…



Arjun arrived to meet Draupadi in holy avatar…

Bhanu forbids Karna to go to Suyamavar.

Satyavati meets the king of Kashi and asks his daughter Valandhara to marry Bhima…

On the other side of the ocean, a young princess sees Yudhishthira’s photo and wants to marry him…

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