Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 2

Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 2

Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 2

episode 2

scene 1

The nation of Panchala is shown… the city is full of green fields and multi-storey buildings. Everyone was happily preparing for their country’s beloved daughter, Suyanwar.

In the palace…

Drona and King Durpada are seen discussing about Suyanvar.

(In this FF, there is no conflict between the two. In fact, both families are well-knit and Ashwatthama treats Draupadi and Dhi as his brother and sister)

Durpada: My dear friend Drona, I always wanted Arjuna to be my son-in-law. That’s why I arranged this bow and arrow job.

Drona: I understand your purpose. Don’t worry, Arjun will definitely take part in this suyanvar.

Durpad: I hope he wins.

Drona: Who will win besides him?

Durpad: I’m afraid Karna also has the same potential.

Ashwatthama: It won’t happen, Maharaj.

They turn and see Ashwatthama and Dhri coming.

Dhari: My sister will not marry a lower caste person in our caste.

Drona: Dhri, he may be low caste but he has a big heart. After becoming king he donates a lot and is an exceptional warrior.

Durpad: It’s my fear.

Ashwatthama: I will talk to Duryodhana and make sure he doesn’t get there.

Durpad: Thank you son.

A servant girl who is actually Draupadi’s spy overhears this and goes to tell her.

She tells him about Karna and Arjuna. Draupadi is curious about Karna.

Then Dadisa brings some men along with her to the portrait.

Draupadi: Grandma, whose photos are these?

Dadisa: Before her yanvar, the bride needs to see the men who are participating. Ramguru will explain about everyone.

Ramguru is the favorite minister of Dadisa and Draupadi. They talk about the nation with him. King Durpad always considers the decision of both women in all matters.

Ramguru starts talking about everyone. But Draupadi seems confused and not impressed by anyone. He only then speaks of Arjuna, the prince of the Kuru dynasty.

Dadisa: Arjun…

She gets excited. Draupadi remembers her father’s words and listens to Arjuna’s description. Seeing his portrait, she is impressed by his appearance, which is both beautiful and majestic.

Ramguru: He is Arjuna, the third son of Maharaj Pandu and Maharani Kunti. He is the greatest warrior of this current generation. His specialty now is caring for troops in Sri Lanka and he is the Commander in Chief in the South. He got involved in a war with the king of Sri Lanka, but the war has now stopped.

Draupadi: Why?

Ramguru: The King of Sri Lanka will become a father after many years. People rejoice on this occasion. Therefore, the prince decided not to disturb his happy days and stopped the war. He’s coming back soon.

Draupadi thinks a lot about Arjuna. Dadisa saw this and prayed to the Lord that Arjuna would win in Suyanvar.

Then Ramguru goes to the next image. of Karna. Draupadi sees him and is attracted towards him. She thinks that this face is mixed with a calm, majestic and of course beautiful face. But Ramguru snatches it away.

Draupadi: Why are you taking it away?

Ramguru: Sorry princess, it came by mistake. He will not participate in this Suyanvar.

Draupadi: But why?

Grandma: Draupadi, I will explain it to you. Ramguru, you can go now.

He’s leaving.

Grandma: Daughter, she is not the right partner for you.

Draupadi: But why? Just because he’s from a lower caste?

Grandma: No, I am also low caste. I am not a princess. Your grandfather and I fell in love and got married. So I am not against. Even I have a strong feeling that he may be the son of the Lord himself. Look at his face, how devoted he was. But why do I tell you that he is wrong because he is not on the right path. In the past they had to face a lot of discrimination. So that wrong person is with Duryodhana. He is definitely going to lose against the Pandavas.

Draupadi: But Ashwathamma is with Duryodhana, you are not saying anything.

Dadisa: We are all asking him to change sides, but he is not. So think about it.

She left. Draupadi is confused. Both Arjuna and Karna have impressed him. It is difficult for him to choose.

scene 2


All the ladies look at the photo of Draupadi in Bhanu’s mansion.

(Each lady has a separate haveli which is attached to the same grand palace)

Satyavati: She is the most beautiful and fierce woman. Surely Arjuna should marry her.

Devika: She is attractive.

Kunti: I hope Arjun will come back soon.

Ambalika: Kunti, when are you coming Arjun?

Kunti: He will come here in two days. He went to Dwarka to meet Krishna.

Ghandari: I should have come here earlier.

(Arjun is everyone’s favorite guy)

Ambika: After he comes, we have to avoid his evil eye.

Bhanu: Yes…

A servant arrives and informs them that Duryodhana and Karna are going to reach there.

Then they both come. They respect everyone. He asks Devika about her health. Everyone is surprised to hear this.

Duryodhana: My enmity is with my brother and for my rights. She is my sister-in-law and the daughter of this family. I will always have that concern.

Satyavati was relieved. Ghandari and Kunti feel happy. Then the women leave.

Duryodhana and Karna see the image. Karna smiles seeing this.

Duryodhana: Whose image is this?

Bhanu: Draupad…

Duryodhana: I thought we should see him at Suyanvar.

Bhanu: Yes, but I secretly got it from my spies.

Karna: Detective…

Bhanu: Yes brother, I have spies in this country. I know all the gossip in this country. I really wanted to see it because it’s definitely going to be here.

Karna: How are you so sure?

Bhanu: Is there any question about it? Arjun Devar is going to participate and he will definitely win.

Karna was irritated. Duryodhana saw her face change.

Duryodhana: Do you like his Karna?

Karna: She looks beautiful with all the qualities required for a queen.

Hearing this, a servant girl pours hot tea into his hand. Bhanu sees her and calls for Vrushali.

Karna and Duryodhana saw it.

Bhanu: Vrushali, you should have been careful.

She takes care of him. Karna asks if she is alright. She nods her head affirmatively.

(Karna and Vrushali were neighbors in childhood and always loved Karna)

Duryodhan: Don’t tell this to Bhanu, let’s go to Suyanvar.

Karna becomes happy while Vrushali becomes sad at the thought of Karna praising Draupadi.

scene 3

Arjuna reaches Dwarka.

He arrives at Krishna’s palace and looks for her.

Then he heard a voice coming from the stable.

Arjun: Govinda, what are you doing?

Krishna: I love taking care of these cows. It was my profession and I am an expert in it.

Arjun smiles and tells her about Suyanvar.

Krishna: Draupadi is my friend. We both have a lot of respect for each other. The whole country knows that you are going to win but take good care of it.

Arjun: You are changing sides.

Krsna: No, I am not. You are my cousin but she is my best friend. Everyone who knows him will definitely love him.

Arjun: Okay, let’s talk about something.

Krsna: Don’t be shy.

He teases Arjun by blushing…

Arjun: Will you be in Suyanvar?

Krsna: Yes, absolutely. I’ll get there before then. My friend needs my advice right now. I will go today.

Arjuna and Krishna then discuss the war and Sri Lankan morality. Then both depart for Hastinapur and Panchal respectively.



Discussion on Krishna and Draupadi Arjun and Karna…

Vrushali expresses his love for Karna to Bhanu…

The love of Yudhishthira-Devika…

The love of Bhima-Hidimba…

Nakhul tells Devika about his love for Karunmathi…

The love story of Sahadeva-Vijay

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