Up Panchayat Chunav result 2021, Gram Pradhan, Gram Panchayat Chunav winner, youth – Panchayat election results: ‘village government’ in the hands of educated youth in Firozabad

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Tue 04 May 2021 12:26 PM IST abstract In Firozabad district, a large number of educated and young candidates were selected by the rural population for the post of leader. Raj Sharma, newly elected upper family of Panchayat village, Bandi – Photo: Amar Ujala This … Read more

Up Panchayat Chunav result 2021: 24 year old girl won gram Panchayat Chunav in Agra

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Agra Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Tue 04 May 2021 11:48 AM IST The new plant has had a tremendous presence in the Panchayat election results in Agra district. The 24 year old Neelam in Pusanta in Saina, Anu, the 26 year old in Rooppur, Fatehabad, Devanand Pradhan, who is 25 … Read more

Announcement of the election of dozens of village chiefs after the votes have been counted in Chandauli – Election of the village chiefs announced after the count in Chandauli

Savitri Patel declared the victory for the village chief from Fatepur in Niamtabad in Chandauli – Photo: Amar Ujala The count of the Panchayat elections in Chandauli district is proceeding very quickly. At three o’clock in the afternoon the victory was announced by dozens of village chiefs in all blocks. The vote count began at … Read more