Up Panchayat Chunav Result Firozabad Update News Gram Pradhan Wins by Three Votes – Panchayat Election Result: The post of Prime Minister won by three votes, no candidate received his own vote

Firozabad Published by: Abhishek Saxena Updated Tue May 11, 2021 5:56 PM IST The election process for the post of head in the three gram panchayats of Firozabad, Wajidpur-Kutukpur, Rizavali and Jasrana counties was concluded on Tuesday with the declaration of results. Narendra Kumar from Wajidpur-Kutukpur, Khetpal Singh from Jasrana Dehat and Kunwarpal Singh from … Read more

Up-panchayat-chunav-result-2021-basti news update – Basti Panchayat election: The political battle for the district’s first citizenship will be interesting, SP-BSP is also showing strength

abstract BJP, BSP has not been Chairman of the President in a decade, and SP has also been in office for a decade Panchayat election 2021 – Photo: Amar Ujala The political struggle to become the first citizen of the Basti district will be very interesting. The BJP is making every effort to end the … Read more

Up-panchayat-chunav-result-2021-kushinagar news update – Kushinagar panchayat election: BJP failed to repeat past performance, wins in the hands of the Independents

abstract This time, six declared candidates and one rebel from BJP and Hiuwa won elections, SP won 12 seats, BSP won five seats and other parties also won four seats, 32 independents won elections, will run for president Important Kushinagar District Panchayat. – Photo: Amar Ujala. On Tuesday afternoon, May 4th, the picture of the … Read more

The presidential elections in Mainpuri zila panchayat may be delayed due to corona

Mainpuri Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Mon May 10, 2021 12:02 AM EST abstract No political party has an absolute majority in the Panchayat elections in the Mainpuri district. SP won 13 seats, BJP and Independents eight each, and Congress one. Panchayat District Office, Mainpuri – Photo: Amar Ujala After the election of the District … Read more

Vote for the post of village chief in three gram panchayats in Firozabad

Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sun May 09, 2021 10:23 AM IST abstract The surveys take place under strict security measures in Rijavali, Wajidpur-Kutukpur and Jasrana Dehat Gram Panchayat in the Firozabad district. Police and electoral staff at the polling station in the Jasrana countryside – Photo: Amar Ujala In the vacant three gram … Read more

Women will dominate the Zila Panchayat Kasganj – Kasganj: Women will dominate the District Panchayat, winning 12 of the 23 seats

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Bjp and Sp make strategy for Zila Panchayat president in Firozabad – Firozabad: SP-BJP hires members to chair the Zilla Panchayat president

Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sat May 08, 2021 12:33 PM IST abstract After the three-stage Panchayat elections, the board began to lay down the posts for the chairman of the district Panchayat president and the block chief. UP Panchayat Election 2021 (file photo) – Photo: Amar Ujala After the election of the members … Read more

Up Panchayat elections: money is transferred to the Gram Pradhan account after the oath in Varanasi – UP Panchayat election: amounts of Crores that are in Panchayat’s accounts are given to the princes in the treasury as soon as they take the oath

Newspaper stand, Amar Ujala, Varanasi Published by: Geetarjun Gautam Updated May 08, 2021 10:57 AM IST abstract 689 newly elected district leaders received the treasure entered in the Panchayat’s accounts.Probably sworn in on May 15th. Those who headed the three-tier Panchayat elections in Varanasi do not have to wait for development funds, as the Gram … Read more

Up-zila-panchayat-election-result-2021 In Sant Kabir Nagar News

abstract The contacts reach the house of the potential claimants, the move to bring the members to court is quick by doing all the tricks. Santkbir Nagar District Panchayat election. – Photo: Amar Ujala. The applicants have begun to take political positions to improve the status of society by taking over the post of president … Read more

Up-zila-panchayat-election-results-2021-in Maharajganj News

Amar Ujala Network, Maharajganj. Published by: vivek shukla Updated May 08, 2021 2:47 PM IST abstract The performance of other Dalas including BJP is not good, the public trusts the independents Maharajganj Panchayat election. – Photo: Amar Ujala. This time the candidates supported by the BJP, SP, Congress and BSP showed no particular charisma in … Read more