One and a half million worth of goods cleaned from the attorney’s house

Dhamora (Rampur). In the village of Dinpur, Shahzadnagar Police Station, the thieves cleaned up one and a half million rupees, including jewelry, at a lawyer’s home on Saturday evening. According to the information provided by the lawyer, the police went to the site for an investigation. The victim made a disclosure requesting disclosure of the … Read more

As of today, registration for the covid vaccination will no longer take place on site

Rampur. The district has now made it mandatory to first register online in the Kovin app in order to have people over 45 years of age vaccinated against corona. Previously, beneficiaries could get vaccinated by going to the vaccination center and registering. This agreement has been postponed to further orders. At the same time, there … Read more

140 prisoners and prisoners can be released on parole during the Corona period – 140 prisoners and prisoners can be released on parole during the Corona period

Rampur. With corona infections on the rise, 140 inmates and detainees in the county jail can be paroled for social distancing while in prison. In this context, the list of people on parole was made available to the government and the judge by the prison administration.In response to the corona outbreak in state prisons, the … Read more

Kovid desks should be placed in wheat malls

Rampur. The district judge held a virtual meeting with officials from Team 9 to review the status of compliance with guidelines issued by the government from time to time to prevent infection of Kovid-19 in the district.District Judge Ravindra Kumar Mandar took effective action on the phone calls received at the district-level Integrated Kovid Command … Read more

Take care of those coming from other states, village chief, seven day isolation is mandatory

Rampur. The collector gave information to the princes about expectations for the governance and administration of Kovid-19 and said that even if there are no signs of corona in people returning to their homes from outside states or other rural counties, they must themselves strictly adhere to home isolation for seven days. If a person … Read more

Ambulance tariff for covid patients – The administration has set the ambulance tariff for transporting covid patients

Rampur. The administration has set an ambulance rental price to transport corona-infected patients from their place of residence to the Kovid Hospital for treatment and to transfer them to a referral hospital after they have been referred to the higher center. The rent should also be calculated by the patients / timers according to these … Read more

Punishment for the bride who sits without a mask – Punishment for the bride who sits without a mask

Dhamora Tehsildar Milak fined a thousand rupees for not wearing the groom’s mask from the groom and bride who were driving in the car. At the same time, the Tehsildar in the Milak Tehsil area cut off the bills of the people who were traveling without masks. During this time a fine of Rs 12 … Read more

For the second time, a fine of 10,000 was imposed without wearing a mask. – For the second time, a fine of 10,000 without a mask was imposed.

Rampur. Wearing a mask didn’t overshadow a businessman. The police fined the young man ten thousand rupees the second time he was found without a mask. To ensure that the ongoing cases of Kovid-19 are effectively locked down, as directed by Police Superintendent Shagun Gautam, all responsible stations in their police station area are constantly … Read more

City Magistrate Inspection of Johar Medical College – City Magistrate Inspection of Johar Medical College

Rampur. The city council inspected the L-1 Kovid Hospital located at Johar Medical College. During the inspection, he checked various precautions, including the availability of medicines, disinfection, cleanliness, the presence of doctors and other personnel. Corona-infected patients and patients suspected of having symptoms of a covid infection were admitted to the Kovid L-1 hospital. The … Read more

Rampur News Kinnaur News 16 Corona Positive – 16 new cases of corona infection in Kinnaur

Recangpo (Kinnaur). 16 new cases of covid-19 were reported in the Kinnaur district on Sunday. The district health department collected 209 samples of Kovid-19 from different areas. 16 samples were reported positively. Positive visitors include 13 cases from the Tidong project area and 3 from Sangla. Dr. Sonam Negi, chief medical officer, provided information on … Read more