Crocodile came to the field – Crocodile reached the sugar cane field

Barkheda Out of the river, a crocodile reached the sugar cane field near the village of Parewa Anoop. The forest rangers team that got the information caught the crocodile after 20 minutes of hard work. The captured crocodile was released into the Khannaut River.Pothiram, a resident of the village of Perewa Anup in the block … Read more

Ambulance tariff – The administration decides on the rental of the ambulance. The nodal officer is supposed to stop at will

Pilibhit. The tariff for ambulances to transport patients between corona infections was set by the administration. The Nodal Officer has been given responsibility for compliance. If someone charges more than the fixed rate, strict action is taken.DM Pulkit Khare said that for the convenience of patients, the ambulance tariff was set by category. Oxygen-free ambulances … Read more

Corona Terror In PTR – Intensive surveillance in PTR … Amaria tigers left on their side

Pilibhit. The tiger, which has lived in the residential area of ​​Amaria tehsil for years, is threatened with corona infection. The tigers of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve are closely monitored following a corona infection in the wildlife of Hyderabad, but the tigers here are on their own. According to experts, the corona infection spreads from … Read more

Corona policy – crowd at the festival, report submitted at 83

Purple During the Corona Crisis, it got expensive to collect a lot by organizing a banquet at home. After receiving the information, the police gathered information about the case. After that, 83 people, including three candidates, were booked under the Prohibition and Epidemic Violations Act.Gaurav Vishnoi, outpost of Ghungchai outpost, said the lockdown was ongoing … Read more

Corona Terror – Corona infection is spreading rapidly in residential areas of the city

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Tendor – 18 companies fail due to investigations, now the tender will be issued again

Pilibhit. Of the 20 companies that applied to buy a desk bench for community schools at a cost of Rs 7.17 billion, 18 failed the technical examination. With only two companies remaining, the tendering process is now being resumed. The DM has also received approval for this.Desks and benches are to be bought for the … Read more

Panchayat Chunaaav – Devrani became the second time Pradhan, Jethani became the first member of the Panchayat district

Pilibhit. In Gram Panchayat Parasi Ramkishan, two daughters-in-law have left Chulha Chauka to take over politics. When Jethani took charge of the village, Deorani was elected a Panchayat member of the district. Husband and wife have been running the capital for twenty years. After Deorani’s husband fought several times against the member of the Panchayat … Read more

Butterfly in Ptr – The world of colorful butterflies lives in the PTR forests

Pilibhit. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, famous for tigers, also has a world of beautiful colorful butterflies. After a three-year survey, members of the Turquoise Wildlife Conservation Society found that the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and its vicinity contain 90 species of butterflies. Two butterflies of rare species were also found in it. Color sergeant Butterfly was … Read more

Vaccination in the village – People stay away from the investigation in the villages and are treated by the hail

Pilibhit. After the Panchayat elections, the number of patients in the villages rose rapidly. In every other house, two to three people suffer from a fever, cough, cold and breathing problems. It can also be a symptom of corona but stay away from the rural health department team. Most households report that they will not … Read more

Electricity problem – The electricity supply in 26 villages is not smooth on the third day either

Pilibhit / Puranpur. As soon as it rains, the power supply is disrupted again. The power supply went out as soon as the error occurred. People were harassed from the city to the countryside for many hours. On the other hand, the power supply of the Haripur subway station and the 26 villages in Puranpur … Read more