Replace the toothbrush and tongue cleaner once corona has recovered. Otherwise, the infection may occur again

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Prayagraj Corona Update: Examination increased, patients increased, 286 new people found in 24 hours, six people died – Prayagraj Corona Update: Increased patient, 286 new infections found, six people suffered

Prayagraj News: The family members come to SRN to take in the patient. – Photo: Prayagraj As the number of people investigating Corona increased, so did new cases. On Monday, 10,703 people had the corona checked. There were 286 newly infected cases, while 8,535 people were tested the day before and 236 were found positive. … Read more

Corona News: Survey of 1.5 lakh houses in villages, 17 hundred infected

Prayagraj News: Health Workers Examine Corona. – Photo: Prayagraj 1,700 people were infected in a Ministry of Health poll of 1.5 lakh houses to combat corona infection, which is growing in rural areas. The poll started on May 5th. The survey of the first phase has been completed and work on the second phase will … Read more

The beds in Covid hospitals are empty, but the infected are treated in the Ursula Hospital

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Children are most at risk in the third wave of Corona

Raza Shastri, Amar Ujala, Kanpur Published by: Prabhapunj Mishra Updated Mon May 10, 2021 7:23 AM EST The third wave of the corona is said to be more dangerous for children. In such a situation, the Ballot Hospital in Halat does not even have its own ventilator. The proposal submitted to the government for a … Read more

Lifeline Express reached Kanpur with 80 tons of oxygen – Lifeline Express reached Kanpur with 80 tons, Kanpur reached 55, and Saifai Medical College got 10

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Prayagraj Corona Update: After 37 days, the number of newly infected people decreased, and 236 patients were found

Amar Ujala Network, Prayagraj Published by: Vinod Singh Updated Mon May 10, 2021 12:03 AM EST In Corona’s case, there was news of relief on Sunday. Within 24 hours, 236 new patients were found, while six patients died. On Sunday, the number of new patients not only halved compared to the previous day. Rather, it … Read more

The arbitrariness of private Covid hospitals falls on the patients

Amar Ujala Network, Prayagraj Published by: Vinod Singh Updated Mon May 10, 2021 12:08 AM IST Lavakush, a resident of Allapur, was a pharmacist in the health department. On April 14, he was admitted to the LTU Private Hospital in Tagore Town after testing positive for antigen. Has been admitted there for two days. As … Read more

Prayagraj: Slot in the Pratappur Center for vaccinating city dwellers

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Government bans the use of two-batch remedisivir injections

Amar Ujala Network, Prayagraj Published by: Vinod Singh Updated Mon May 10, 2021 12:19 AM IST Symbolic picture. – Photo: Social Media The government has banned the use of Remdacivir injections of V100166 and V100156 lots in state hospitals in all counties in the state. There have been complaints in some districts that patients’ condition … Read more