Red Cross aims to reduce human suffering Red Cross aims to reduce human suffering – Red Cross aims to reduce human suffering

Mirzapur On World Red Cross Day, under the auspices of the District Science Club Mirzapur and the National Children’s Science Congress, child scientists were informed about the goals of the Red Cross. It has been said that the goal of the Red Cross is to reduce human suffering. Sushil Kumar Pandey, district coordinator of the … Read more

Rana Pratap prides itself on his bravery. – Rana Pratap takes pride in his bravery.

Mirzapur Maharana Pratap’s birthday was celebrated on Sunday in the residence of the President of Kshatriya Mahasabha, Badlighat. At the seminar organized on the occasion, speakers said that the country is proud of their bravery. The seminar, organized with social distancing, began with the garland of the portrait of Maharana Pratap. The speakers described his … Read more

The online registration is running, but the slot is not assigned

Mirzapur Vaccination for people over the age of 18 started on May 1st. The vaccine is currently being used in selected districts. The district does not vaccinate people over the age of 18, but the online registration process is ongoing. Online registration is in progress, but the slot is not available. The vaccine can be … Read more

Teen dandruff in the air, damage to mango crops

Mirzapur Due to the storm on Sunday morning, sheet metal and straw blew up in some places in people’s homes. The storm, water has affected the cultivation of vegetables and mangoes. Due to the storm, the mango crop that was planted on the tree in some places was frozen. Rain and water flooded the streets … Read more

Aanshik Karphyoo 17 Tak Badha – Partial curfew extended to 17

Mirzapur The partial curfew has been extended to 17 in the state due to Corona. In this regard, Additional Secretary-General Avneesh Kumar Awasthi issued a letter on Sunday lifting the partial curfew across the state until May 17 at 7 a.m. This decision will have an impact on the feast of Eid, which falls after … Read more

31 doctors found missing in Mandalayukta review – 31 doctors found missing in Mandalayukta review

Mirzapur Hospital OPD is currently closed due to covid-19. Meanwhile, Mandalayukt Yogeshwar Ram Mishra checked the presence of doctors from all three districts of Mandal on Saturday, while 31 doctors were found absent. Not only that, many also met outside of headquarters. The Mandalayuk has expressed its displeasure with this. The CMO and CMS concerned … Read more

Four year old boy sleeping outside the house Missing, fear of kidnapping – Four year old boy sleeping outside, missing, fear of kidnapping

Mirzapur A four-year-old boy who slept in front of the morning house was missing in the village of Hariharpur Bedauli in the Kotwali countryside. The family did not find him on the bed and searched nearby. After not receiving any information, he informed the police. The police station in the country that arrived on site … Read more

Vaccination work is not carried out on Sunday

Mirzapur Dr. Nilesh Vasti shared information about the vaccination program that is being carried out in the district to prevent and prevent infection with covid-19 and said that vaccination with covid-19 will not be carried out on Sunday. Therefore, the person who wants to be vaccinated should not go to a center on Sunday to … Read more

Public Monitoring Committee Will Help Corona Victims – Public Monitoring Committee Will Help Corona Victims

Mirzapur Patients suffering from corona in the state are now being treated under the supervision of the state’s former senior officials. For this, the responsibility of Vindhyachal Mandal was transferred to the member of the BJP State Working Committee, Manoj Shrivastava. In addition to providing beds, oxygen, medication and plasma for the covid patients, their … Read more

106 found infected, 215 discharged – 106 found infected, 215 discharged

Mirzapur More than 100 coronas were found infected in the district on the 29th day in a row. 106 infected people were found on Saturday and 215 people were released. The number of corona infections has decreased in the past three to four days. At present, the number of active cases has reached one thousand … Read more