The kidnapped teenager was rescued by the police

A sweet place to stay. A teenager was abducted and detained in a village police station for 23 days. The police obtained information from passers-by by breaking the lock on the room and freeing the teenager. The police sent the victim to the district headquarters for a medical examination. Following a complaint from the teenager’s … Read more

Inspection of Wheat Shopping Center and Marketing Godown – Inspection of Wheat Shopping Center and Marketing Warehouse

Mowing. District judge Ajay Kumar Gautam inspected the wheat shopping center and godown in Ratasar. Conversations with fair-priced vendors who have come for a marketing godown ration. So far, the suppliers of fair prices who have not consumed normal food grains have been instructed to increase and distribute the ration immediately. Strict measures are being … Read more

Construction work on Ratanpura Bhimpura Road did not begin even after funds were sanctioned

Ratanpura Under the Pradhan mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, a total of 9 km of road construction on the Ratanpura Bhimpura road was approved. However, work on it has not yet started. While this street is the most dilapidated street in the Mau district at this point, the company’s prominent servant Nisar Ahmed expressed surprise at … Read more

Village chief sent a letter to the Mandalayukta – Village chief sent a letter to the Mandalayukta

Kopaganj The newly elected village chief Chanda Devi of Gram Sabha Larpur in the area has sent a letter to the district judge and the Mandalayukta accusing them of tampering with the production of ration cards by sending a copy of the ration card pointing to fake way was made. The case has been investigated … Read more

The village head Sakra did sanitation – The village head Sakra did sanitation

Ratanpura On the one hand in the corona epidemic, in which people stare at the health department and the district Panchayat Raj officials for the clean-up in all the villages, Dronacharya Maurya, the newly elected village director of Sakra Gram Panchayat in Ratanpura, Bijri des Gram Sabha block, up own expense. After rehabilitating villages like … Read more

20 Infected in different villages in 72 hours, no disinfection – Disinfection is not carried out even after 72 hours of infected patients

A sweet place to stay. The outbreak of the second wave of corona infection is now seen more frequently in the villages. The Fatehpur Mandav Block is not unaffected. Even so, neither the Supervisory Committee nor the staff are active in this regard. In the villages of the block area, 20 infected people were found … Read more

Long Amount Returned that was withdrawn from the covid patient – Long Amount returned that was withdrawn from the covid patient

Mowing. The collector took seriously the complaint of arbitrary recovery for treating a corona patient in some private hospitals labeled as covid hospital and returned rupees 23,000 to the deceased patient’s family on Saturday. The DM warned that the matter was automatically taken note of, but if a complaint is received, legal action will also … Read more

Two more ventilators will be in operation in the district hospital shortly

Mowing. For the convenience of corona patients, the district judge has determined that there is sufficient availability of ventilators and oxygen. Five of the seven fans that were in transition last year were installed, but two were inoperative. Commissioning of these two ventilators has started. After installing these fans, the number of fans in the … Read more

Change of ambulance rental at the direction of the collector

Mowing. Due to the intervention of the district administration, ambulance drivers in the district can no longer demand arbitrary rent from patients or timed persons. The ambulance service became expensive as the board set up the board set the fare. Following the announcement, the district judge ordered the committee to change the fare for the … Read more

Second dose of Kovishield now lasts 84 days – Second dose of Kovishield now lasts 84 days

Mowing. A vaccination campaign to prevent corona is underway. In the meantime, the time period has been changed to receive the second dose of Kovishield. Covishield’s second dose has been extended since midnight on May 14th. Now, 84 days after the first dose of this vaccine, a second dose will be given. The district vaccination … Read more