The beds in Covid hospitals are empty, but the infected are treated in the Ursula Hospital

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Children are most at risk in the third wave of Corona

Raza Shastri, Amar Ujala, Kanpur Published by: Prabhapunj Mishra Updated Mon May 10, 2021 7:23 AM EST The third wave of the corona is said to be more dangerous for children. In such a situation, the Ballot Hospital in Halat does not even have its own ventilator. The proposal submitted to the government for a … Read more

Now it’s a ventilator at Medical College-Hailet Hospital

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IIT professor claims Corona’s third wave won’t come until October

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Six-month-old girl won the fight with corona, admitted to the children’s hospital, 24 corona-infected children healthy

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Good news: the effects of reduced corona cases, silence in an emergency at the Hailet Hospital

Newspaper stand, Amar Ujala, Kanpur Published by: Prabhapunj Mishra Updated Sat May 08, 2021 9:25 PM IST With the decrease in corona cases, the number of patients who come to Halat is considered to be very small. Until a few days ago, not a single bed was empty in a halat emergency. There was silence … Read more

Dr. Mukesh receives free treatment for 80 patients a day and becomes an angel for non-covid patients

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Kanpur coronavirus cases Covid 19 pandemic, – Dominated disorders: Ventilators in the intensive care unit are switched off in the Ursla hospital due to lack of oxygen, serious patients have to return

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All Icu fans in Ursla are switched off due to a lack of oxygen

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Kanpur Coronavirus Cases Covid 19 Pandemic, Coronavirus News In Kanpur

abstract The reduced number of corona infected patients due to the failure of this system appears to be a statistics game. Like the girl and youth of Kidwainagar living in Babupurwa, around a thousand families in the city waited 10 days for the investigation report. In the midst of the oxygen and bed shortages, people … Read more