Oxysen plant Talbehat Mahroni – DM sent the government a proposal to build an oxygen plant in Talbehat, Mehrauli

Lalitpur At the meeting of the Kovid-19 core committee, district collector Annavi Dinesh Kumar announced that the government had received a proposal to build oxygen systems in Talbehat and Mehrauli. The central oxygen supply system will be installed in community health centers.During the review of the Kovid hospitals, the district judge, on complaint about a … Read more

Cold drinks Corona virus – business with non-alcoholic drinks stalled, shopkeepers sit idly

Dongra Khurd / Lalitpur. The merciless corona has ruined the cold drink business. Due to the lack of jobs for the second year in a row, those associated with this business are sitting on their hands. In such a situation, they do not understand how to take stomach.With the arrival of the summer season, shopkeepers … Read more

Reduction of active Covid cases – The number of corona-active patients decreased within five days

Lalitpur The number of corona-active patients in the district has been falling for five days, relieving the health department. 755 active patients have decreased in five days, while the number of patients discharged each day has already improved.Corona patients continue to wreak havoc. An average of 250 new corona infected patients leave. However, the news … Read more

Covid vaccination – Both vaccine doses are required: District Immunization Officer

Lalitpur The country is currently affected by a second wave of corona infections. To avoid infection, the corona protocol is followed and the vaccine is the only protection. Health workers, different age groups and frontline workers were vaccinated at different stages. Vaccination centers are now only vaccinated by people who have registered online. It is … Read more

Oxysen Plant Formed Indictict Hospital – An oxygen system with a capacity of 1000 liters per minute is installed in the district hospital

Lalitpur The Kovid-19 core committee meeting was held late Thursday evening at the Collectorate Park, chaired by DM Annavi Dinesh Kumar, at which the district judge approved the approval of an oxygen plant with a capacity of 1000 liters per minute in the district and this plant in the district District Hospital. Informs about the … Read more

Donate Jain Samaj Oxysen cylinders – The Jain Society has donated 20 jumbo cylinders

Lalitpur After the establishment of the Kovid-19 hospital in the district hospital, oxygen began to suffer due to the increased number of patients. In light of this, Shri Digambar Jain Bhagwan Mahavir Eye Hospital, operated under Shri Digambar Jain Panchayat Samiti, donated 20 oxygen bottles to the district hospital in collaboration with the Jain Society.Committee … Read more

Pali Town Senitized – Nagar Panchayat has installed sanitary facilities on the wards to prevent corona infection

Pali (Lalitpur). In order to reduce the increasing outbreak of the corona infection, the Nagar Panchayat were rehabilitated in various mohallas. Disinfection was carried out in several mohallas, including Mohalla Kuryana Temple, Hariya District, and Pandayana. Apart from that, it has been completely sprayed in public places like bus stops, Central Bank, State Bank of … Read more

Dictation Corona Free Prison – Corona Free District Prison, caught all right

Lalitpur County Jail is now completely corona free. In the past, 89 inmates in the county jail were diagnosed with corona infection, from which 83 patients had already recovered. Now the remaining six patients have also received a negative re-examination report. The corona examination of two prisoners in the district prison last week found that … Read more

Water crisis – The department is silent about the worsening drinking water crisis in Kartoron

Karitoran / Lalitpur. A severe drinking water crisis occurred due to the stagnation of the water supply from the pipeline for fifteen days in the village bar below the block bar area. People go around to drink drinking water, but there is no solution.There is no water in the taps for fifteen days. Because of … Read more

Illigle Liqer – Don’t let the raw alcohol outweigh the corona in lockdown

Lalitpur The lockdown of liquor license agreements has resulted in a sharp increase in raw alcohol sales across the district. This also threatens the lives of drunk people. The slow action taken by the police and the excise department shouldn’t be too difficult for people. The danger to the lives of drug addicts more than … Read more