People over 45 years of age will be vaccinated after registering online with Cowin in Jaunpur

Amar Ujala Network, Jaunpur Published by: Geetarjun Gautam Updated May 08, 2021 8:47 AM IST abstract The decision was made by the administration in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.This decision was made in order to suddenly increase the demand for the vaccine and prevent it from being wasted. Online registration on the portal is mandatory so that … Read more

Superintendent of the Trauma Center, Dr. Dk Singh removed – Superintendent of the Trauma Center, Dr. DK Singh removed

Jaunpur Dr. DK Singh, Superintendent of the Trauma Center in Hauz, Zafarabad and responsible for Kovid, has been removed. In his place, Dr. Rakesh Singh, Executive and Deputy CMO of Nevadhia CHC, has been appointed Director of the Trauma Center and Kovid Eltu Hospital in Zafarabad. Dr. DK Singh was incorporated into the district headquarters. … Read more

Baahar Se Band Tha Shatar, Andar Chal Rahee Du Dukaanadaaree …….. – The shutter was closed on the outside, the shoplifting took place on the inside ……..

Shahganj / Mariahu / Sureri. The police administration team billed several shopkeepers when stores opened in Corona during curfew. The trade was carried out by closing the shutters on the outside and inside.Bablu Gupta’s grocery store was open in Surrey Hariharpur Market and there was a crowd. Despite the use of homeguards in the market, … Read more

Namaz goodbye Zuma, – people offer Namaz goodbye Zuma,

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Establishing Vishwa Bharati University Increased the Value of Culture – Increase the Value of Culture by Establishing Vishwa Bharati University

Jaunpur activists from the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army and the Laxmibai Brigade celebrated the 160th birthday of Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore at the Shaheed Lal Bahadur Gupta memorial in Saranwa village. Wreaths at the martyr’s memorial and bowed to him. Manjit Kaur, president of the Laxmibai Brigade, said that Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore was born … Read more

Date extended, now the license is only available again from 10 a.m.

Jaunpur The license-related service was postponed again to May 10 in view of the corona infection. For this reason, there is silence in the Assistant Divisional Transport Office, which is buzzing every day. There aren’t a ton of licensors or employees running away. Approximately three thousand 500 driver license applications are pending. Hundreds of people … Read more

Remdasivir is sold under the supervision of the Red Cross

Jaunpur people no longer need to hike as Remadecevir is considered very useful for corona patients. A dose of Remedisvir can be obtained by showing a doctor’s form. An amount of Rs 1800 per dose has also been set for this. It is distributed through the Red Cross Society. The government has issued a guideline … Read more

Boat drowned in over-excitement if the lesson is not taken the Jaunpur election of 2022 will be difficult

abstract BJP’s defeat in the fourth consecutive election after 2017– Despite winning the 83 seats, only ten won The results of the three-stage Panchayat elections in Jaunpur dealt a severe blow to the ruling BJP party. This is the fourth election after the 2017 elections in which the BJP suffered a crushing defeat. The results … Read more

Those who break the corona curfew will be sent to a temporary prison

Jaunpur The curfew on the corona has been extended to May 10th to control the increased infection of the corona. Nevertheless, the overload of the markets is not easing. Marriage is the time of marriage and also oath. Because of this, there are a lot of buyers in the markets. The shopkeepers who do not … Read more

Stores Marked for Home Delivery – Stores Marked for Home Delivery

Jaunpur In the curfew, which was imposed due to a corona infection, the city’s residents have no problems with fruit, milk, quark, vegetables, grains and food. The county council has selected stores to do home delivery. People can call goods in need by calling these stores. The shopkeepers will also work to deliver the goods … Read more