Hathras: Work on the Tehsil Campus will be closed from May 5th to 7th

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DM checks the preparations in the counting centers

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.DM Ramesh Ranjan held a meeting with officials in connection with preparations for the counting of three-tier panchayat elections via the Zoom app. He gave the officers concerned the necessary guidelines. The Assistant Collector, Block Development Officer and Executive Engineer Municipality and Nagar Panchayats received instructions on how to properly manage counterfeits, … Read more

No entry to the nearby counting point, Victory Procession prohibited – No entry to the nearby counting point, Vijay procession stopped

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.The police superintendent gave the police officers appointed in the public dialogue booth and voting booth the necessary instructions to count the Panchayat elections. He said that all candidates should be called and advised that only those agents on duty at the counting location are allowed to enter the counting location at … Read more

Train stopped by chain pulling, gates blocked – chain pulling stopped train, gates blocked

Samvad News Agency, Hathras. The gate is closed at various times during the movement of passenger trains and trains at the level crossing that goes through the city from morning to evening. At around one o’clock on Friday afternoon, a passenger on the train going in the direction of Mathura made a chain hoist. For … Read more

Woman getting milk dies from the handle of the train

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.An old woman died after being hit by a train near the Madhugadhar Railway Gate in Kotwali Hathras Gate. She would give milk. According to information, the police reached the point. After filling the panchnama, the family members took the body without an autopsy. On Friday morning Olive Begum (53 years old), … Read more

Fatal attack on two brothers who are going to thresh the harvest

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.Two brothers who live in a village in the Mursan region were attacked on Mathura Street near Kachpura. Both brothers were seriously injured. After the information, the police arrived and treated the injured at the district hospital. The police are investigating the matter. Ramvir Singh and Pankaj’s son Mahavir Singh live at … Read more

The police assigned the girl to her lover – The police assigned the girl to her boyfriend

Samvad News Agency, Sahapau.A local villager had left with her lover. The police recovered both of them from Haryana. However, the woman spoke to the police about going free and getting married. The police then handed him over to his lover.Responsible Light SI Surendra Singh said that the mother gave teherer to the woman in … Read more

Ultrasound and X-ray frequency reduced due to intervention in the administration – Ultrasound and X-ray frequency reduced due to intervention in the administration

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.The county council had received a complaint regarding Focus Ultrasound that CT scans were being charged more than the prescribed fee. This ultrasound center was inspected in this order by SDM together with ACMO. The operator of the ultrasound center has also been notified.SDM directed the owner and manager of Focus Ultrasound … Read more

Hathras: So Gupta will come down from heaven to do the counting? – Hathras: So Gupta will come from heaven to do the counting?

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, HathrasA duty was imposed on the counting of a teacher in the Basic Education Department who died of corona in the past. So far, ten teachers in the department for basic education have died during the Corona period. Many of these teachers were also the ones whose job it was to … Read more

Due to the lack of oxygen, serious patients are not treated in private hospitals

Samvad News Agency, Hathras.The administration and medical department can claim that there is no oxygen starvation, but the situation is different. Because of lack of oxygen, patients are not treated in private hospitals. Serious patients are sent back from there every day. The district hospital’s OPD is closed and many well-known hospitals have closed the … Read more