Ghatampur Panchayat Election 2021 Update, Review Report – Ghatampur Panchayat Election: Ballot papers with the thumbprint spoil the game of many candidates, 5,454 votes were canceled

abstract After the completion of the count of 77 grams of panchayats of the inner village block, predictions of the defeat of the candidates in many grams of panchayats were tainted by the ballot papers. Ghatampur Panchayat election – Photo: Amar Ujala The three-stage Panchayat elections in Ghatampur also showed a lack of awareness. Thousands … Read more

Ghatampur Panchayat Chunav Results Updates – Ghatampur Panchayat Election: 22-year-old Pradhan Komal’s claim to change the image of the village

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Ghatampur: In Paras Village, more than 25 people died of fever in 15 days

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Ghatampur Panchayat Chunav result 2021 updates – Ghatampur Panchayat election: Pradhan Komal won by the greatest margin and defeated the opponent with 1273 votes

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Household in two houses burned to ashes by fire

Ghatampur / Bindgaon. The fire broke out in the house in a leak cylinder in Akbarpur Jhabaiya village in the Kotwali region. The villagers overcame the fire together before the fire brigade arrived. On the other hand, in the village of Deora, half of which is train stations, a house was burned in a fire … Read more

Toll Plaza employees beat up students – Toll Plaza employees attack students

Will explain to the students. – Photo: GHATAMPUR Sajeti (Ghatampur). Following the controversy over the toll at Aliyapur Toll Plaza, staff at the square beat up students from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad who were getting on the bus. As a result, five students were injured. After receiving the information, the police arrived and calmed the … Read more

Kanpur News, Gatampur News – Women Tantra took samadhi at home

In the same pit in the Madha village of Ghatampur, the tantric lady took samadhi. conversation – Photo: GHATAMPUR Ghatampur. The administration was stirred as soon as news spread that a Tantrik woman had taken a grave in the ground in Madha Village in Thana, Sajeti. The tantric woman buried herself in a pit by … Read more

Two secretaries suspended for negligence in caring for Govansh

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Ghatampur Published by: Shikha Pandey Updated Wed, Jan 27, 2021 10:45 AM EST Two development secretaries have been suspended by District Development Officer GP Gautam for negligence in maintaining temporary cattle sheds in Tikavapur and Katri Qatar Gramm Panchayats in the Ghatampur block. A month ago, the district development officer had … Read more

Sdm found salt factory before tire fire – SDM found salt factory before tire fire

SDM Upma Pandey and police at the town’s salt factory. conversation – Photo: GHATAMPUR Bhinagaon (Ghatampur). On Saturday, SDM, Narwhal raided a town salt factory and half with Pollution Control Board officials while workers at the factory burned old tires and turned on ovens. As toxic smoke spread on the spot, the mercury of SDM … Read more

Farmers lost to the arrangement made a temporary cattle shed

The cattle in the temporary cowshed that was created by the villagers – Photo: Amar Ujala Anna took the initiative and fundraised and made temporary gaushalas when he got no relief from anywhere other than assuring the farmers who were responsible for saving the crops from cattle. More than half a hundred Anna cattle are … Read more