Jasrana Bjp Mla Ramgopal Pappu Lodhi Video Goes Viral In Covid Hospital Situation – UP: BJP MLAs Pain When Woman Is Not Treated Properly, Watch Video

Agra / Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Tue May 11, 2021 2:38 PM IST BJP MLA by Jasrana Ram Gopal Pappu Lodhi posted a video on social media alleging the negligence of the machinery of government after failing to obtain information on the health of the woman admitted to the Kovid department of the … Read more

Jasrana Bjp Mla’s wife Sandhya Lodhi Reffer from Sn Medical College to the hospital

Agra Published by: Abhishek Saxena Updated Tue May 11, 2021 12:11 AM IST Jasrana MLA Ram Gopal Lodhi’s wife, who was admitted to SN, was admitted to the private hospital at Dehli Gate on Monday afternoon. After his report was negative, the district judge referred him to SN. The patient’s condition improves quickly. BJP MLA … Read more

Police and Pac Flag march in the Firozabad Market – Firozabad

Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Mon May 10, 2021 4:48 PM IST abstract The police and the PAC evicted people standing in front of the shops while they were violently patrolling the market. This caused a rush to the market. The police closed shops – Photo: Amar Ujala The PAC took command on Monday … Read more

Lockdown In Up: Firozabad Police Alert for Corona Curfew People Unaware

Firozabad Published by: Abhishek Saxena Updated Sun May 09, 2021 8:07 PM IST In Firozabad, barricades were erected by the police administration to ensure strict compliance with the Corona curfew. With that the troops were deployed. Although people disagree. Despite the closure of the market, the movement of people on the streets continues. In order … Read more

Bjp and Sp make strategy for Zila Panchayat president in Firozabad – Firozabad: SP-BJP hires members to chair the Zilla Panchayat president

Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sat May 08, 2021 12:33 PM IST abstract After the three-stage Panchayat elections, the board began to lay down the posts for the chairman of the district Panchayat president and the block chief. UP Panchayat Election 2021 (file photo) – Photo: Amar Ujala After the election of the members … Read more

Bjp mla woman fail to get bed in sn medical college covid station

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Firozabad Corona Virus Update 145 New Covid Patients May 6th – Firozabad: 145 New Arrivals Found Including CMO Office Workers, Corona Spreading In The Countryside

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Zila Panchayat Chunav Result 2021: Samajwadi won 11 seats in Firozabad District – Panchayat District Election: SP waved flag in Firozabad, independent before BJP

abstract SP captured 11 seats from Zilla Panchayat, BJP received only three, independent candidates occupied 11 seats, results from Zilla Panchayat members were announced after 65 hours After the results of the Panchayat elections in the district, people reached the headquarters – Photo: Amar Ujala The election results of 33 districts of the Firozabad Zilla … Read more

Up Panchayat Chunav result 2021, Gram Pradhan, Gram Panchayat Chunav winner, youth – Panchayat election results: ‘village government’ in the hands of educated youth in Firozabad

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Tue 04 May 2021 12:26 PM IST abstract In Firozabad district, a large number of educated and young candidates were selected by the rural population for the post of leader. Raj Sharma, newly elected upper family of Panchayat village, Bandi – Photo: Amar Ujala This … Read more

Up Panchayat election result 2021: Firozabad Zila Panchayat Chunav winner – Panchayat election results: BJP’s defeat in Jasrana of Firozabad, rebels spoil the game

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Mon May 03, 2021 12:37 PM IST abstract The census will continue from 9 a.m. on Sunday in Firozabad district. The election results for Zilla Panchayat members began on Monday afternoon. UP Panchayat election result 2021: employees count votes – Photo: Amar Ujala Where the … Read more