Firozabad News, Black Mushroom, Black Mushroom In Covid Patients, Covid Patients, Covid Patient Care – Sugar, BP Patients Risk of Black Fungus, Increase Immunity

Firozabad Together with Corona, the fear of infection with black fungi has begun. The health department advises people to be vigilant if cases of black fungus infections increase in different parts of the country. In particular, patients with diseases such as blood pressure, sugar, and HIV are at higher risk. The health department has issued … Read more

Youth News, Firozabad Youth, Firozabad Youth News, Yoga Exercise, Karo Yoga Raho Nirog – Firozabad Youth: Runners train online to stay fit

Firozabad The sporting activities have been closed for a long time due to Corona. In such a situation, players train and exercise at home to maintain their fitness. Even online folks learn the nuances of the game. Due to the Corona curfew, the exercise of the game will be closed along with the exercise of … Read more

Water Problem, Drinking Water Crisis, Firozabad Fire News, Firozabad News, Firozabad Hindi News, Up News, Firozabad Water Crisis – The drinking water pipeline is giving the public a headache in the new population

Photographs The drinking water pipeline laid from Jal Nigam to the new population area has become a cancer for people. The plastic pipe used by Jalanigam to supply drinking water is leaking the next day. In such a situation, there is a water crisis before people. Because of the ten-day water supply, people caused an … Read more

Akshay Tritiya, Goldladen, Goldladen Firozabad, Katra Bazar, Katra Market, Khidkiya Market, Khidkiya Firozabad, Dr. Pragya Shankar, Jila Parole Adhikari Dr. Pragya Shankar, Jila Parole Adhikari Firozabad – Akshaya Tritiya education teams formed

Firozabad At Akshaya Tritiya, strict measures are being taken against parents regarding information about the marriage of children. This warning was issued by District Probation Officer Dr. Pragyashankar issued. At the same time, teams were formed to oversee activities such as child marriage. According to district probation officer Dr. Pragyashankar is prohibited from marrying girls … Read more

Police have closed Hajipura’s market – Police have closed Hajipura’s market

Firozabad Crowds gathered in Hajipura Market to shop for Eid and the police forcefully closed the market. There was an atmosphere of chaos in the people. The PAC was used in conjunction with the police to ensure that people followed the lockdown and that the market did not open up. This will prevent the spread … Read more

Police service in Corona, police service in the event of infection, police service in the event of Covid infection, Corona warriors, Corona warriors

Firozabad In the battle of Corona, the police are busy at full speed. Many police officers haven’t said their goodbyes for several months. These people protect people from loved ones all the time. They use video calls to remind loved ones when they are reminded, but do their duty to keep people safe. There are … Read more

Covid 19, International Nurses Day, Firozabad Nurses Day, Firozabad Hospital nurses, Firozabad Medical College nurses – International Nurses Day: Sisters treat the infected without fear

Firozabad The nursing staff employed in the Kovid-19 hospitals treats corona suspects and infected people from Jijan. Nurses are at highest risk of contracting corona even after taking precautions. Hospitalized nurses do their duty with the utmost care, without worrying about themselves or their families. It is extremely important to remember the nurses on International … Read more

Bio Medical Wastege, Medical College Wastege, Firozabad Medical College Wastege, Medical Wastege Plant, Medical Wastege, Medical Wastege Infection – Action plan for the disposal of Bio Medical Wasteage, which is pursued by the Kovid Hospitals

Firozabad State and private hospitals treating covid-infected patients in the district must report biomedical waste disposal to the Regional Pollution Control Board. A letter to this effect was sent from the PCB to the GMO and related hospitals. All were instructed to submit the action plan within a week. Three state and three private hospitals … Read more

Manrega Cell Firozabad, Manrega Worker Firozabad, Pravasi Mazdur Firozabad, Ddo Firozabad, Ddo Rajesh Kuril, Manrega News

Firozabad Panchayat-level officials negligently prepare the dates of migrant workers who have returned to their homes due to the lockdown. The number of migrants and workers is being sought by the MNREGA cell of the Revenue Department and the Panchayat Raj Department. District development officer Rajesh Kuril has expressed displeasure in this regard. On Wednesday … Read more

Ration Distribution, Ration Distribution Firozabad, Ration Distribution News, Ration Distribution In Up, Firozabad Majdur, Firozabad Churi Majdur, bpl map Firozabad, Hunger Rate Firozabad – Hunger in Lockdown: Workers get no work, canister of flour is over; How will hunger calm down?

Firozabad When the blackout period increases. As such, the workers face challenges in order to feed the children. The flour that is kept in the canister of these houses is gone. The shopkeepers have also refused to grant loans. In such a situation, workers and their families expect help from social workers. The workers leave … Read more