Upcet 2021: Nta postponed the joint entrance test for Uttar Pradesh 2021 due to an increase in Covid

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Up Board Exam 2021: Uttar Pradesh Board Exams Postponed, Here Are The Most Important Updates – Up Board Exam 2021: UP Board Exams Now Expanded, Know Important Information

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Up Board Safalta Talk Exam 2021: Psychologist Parth Majumdar will tell you about the types of pressures – Up Board Safalta Talk Exam 2021: Learn how many types of stress there are and tell the psychologist Parth Majumdar

abstract Parth Mazumdar works as the Faculty of Psychology at IILM University and plays a major role in the field of psychiatry. Often times, many students experience stress while preparing for the exam. Did you wonder why this is happening? This is done because as the exam approaches, students worry about the confusion that their … Read more

Up Board Exam 2021 is just postponed, not canceled so you don’t get confused. Prepare for the Safalta class

abstract UP Board exams have been postponed, but please let us know the exams have been abandoned and not canceled entirely. UP board exams have been postponed due to the corona virus, but board students should continue their preparations. Let us know that for the time being, due to the growing epidemic, the investigations have … Read more