Vaccination only after registration in the Cowin app, today these centers are vaccinated according to age groups

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The oxygen system is to be built in the Mainpuri district hospital

Mainpuri Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Mon May 10, 2021 12:02 AM EST abstract Excise Minister Ramnaresh Agnihotri has taken the initiative to build an oxygen plant. He assured the administration that funds would be made available for the construction of the plant. Mainpuri District Hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala In the Mainpuri district, patients … Read more

After five and a half hours of surgery, a five kilogram tumor emerged from the woman’s abdomen. Five kilograms of tumor from the woman’s abdomen after two and a half hours of surgery

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala Published by: Ghanshyam Rai Updated May 08, 2021 12:17 AM IST abstract Operation at Ujala Cygnus Hospital BhelupurThe operation was performed at the BHU six years ago, the problem did not go away Surgery team of doctors. – Photo: Amar Ujala A 42-year-old woman who suffered from a stomach tumor during … Read more

Doctor gives advice Do not put oil or lemon juice up your nose

Agra Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated May 08, 2021 4:56 PM IST abstract Dr. Alok Mittal said that you should avoid using the methods advertised on social media. They can be fatal. Various measures are currently being taken to avoid corona infection. All of the recipes go viral on social media. It is advisable to … Read more

Changes in the rules of the corona vaccination campaign, troubled by the first dose

Amar Ujala Network, Prayagraj Published by: Vinod Singh Updated Fri, May 07, 2021 10:49 PM IST The corona vaccination was canceled in private hospitals. With this new rule, people who received the first dose of vaccine in private centers migrate to receive the second dose. At the same time, it is mandatory to register people … Read more

Ajeet Singh Chahar, Doctor at Sn Medical College, Talks About Corona Vaccine After Infection – Doctor’s Advice: Can Be Vaccinated After Two Weeks Recovery From Corona

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People who line up in front of the oxygen plant in Agra – Agra: wood that runs from Sikandra to Serpentine Bagia to get oxygen, people who also come from other districts

abstract There is a pre-exhaust system in the industrial area of ​​Sikandra. It has a supply capacity of 1000 to 1200 cylinders per day. From 6 a.m. onwards, the wooden cylinders take tokens to refill them. Cylinder fills employee in oxygen system – Photo: Amar Ujala The wood race for the oxygen bottles in Agra … Read more

More than seven hundred corona patients recover in the last 24 hours in Agra – #ladengecoronase: 71-year-old Phoolan Devi wins the Agra battle in Corona

Agra Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Thu May 06, 2021 9:52 AM IST 71-year-old Phoolan Devi from Vijayagarhi village, who won the Agra District Best Mind award, also won the Battle of Corona. On Wednesday, Corona Warriors also hailed his mood when he returned home from Kovid Hospital at Bah Community Health Center. At the … Read more

Medical Advice Don’t be sloppy even if you have an anti-body that becomes infected

abstract Dr. Ashish Gautam, Associate Professor and Specialist in External Medicine at SN Medical College, answered people’s questions. Dr. Ashish Gautam, Associate Professor and Outpatient at SN Medical College – Photo: Amar Ujala There is a lot of confusion and questions in people regarding the installation of the corona vaccine. He shares his questions with … Read more

The police take over a woman’s body after the neighbors have traveled a distance due to Corona

Newspaper counter, Amar Ujala, Agra Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Wed May 05, 2021 12:23 AM IST Social distances have increased during the Corona crisis. Neighbors who succeed one another in happiness and sadness also shy away from helping in trouble. In such a situation, the Corona warriors work day and night to save people’s … Read more