Corona test: Hollow claims from teams who get from door to door in rural areas

abstract RRT (Rapid Response Team) was able to conduct a door-to-door examination in a total of 310 villages in Ghatampur, Patara and Bheegaon to examine only 4,977 people. If the WHO (World Health Organization) wants to test the reality of the state government’s corona micromanagement, it must need a round of villages. Hundreds of deaths … Read more

Kanpur: Black Fungus Ward Made in Hailet, investigation begins today

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Loaded coronase: 18 people in 35 locations in Prayagraj will receive corona vaccine from tomorrow

The corona vaccine will be vaccinated from Monday at 35 locations in the district between 18 and 44 years of age. The vaccination lasts from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The new system has increased centers in both rural and urban areas. Because of this, people don’t need to have any problems getting vaccinated. On … Read more

#ladengecoronase: transition in the village increased, but quarantine center free – #ladengecoronase: transition in the village increased, quarantine center free

The risk of covid infection has increased rapidly in rural areas. In contrast, the Tehsils quarantine centers are empty. There is no way to go to the rural center. In many villages in particular, cases of people who do not come from outside come to the fore. Even so, the silence in the quarantine center … Read more

Kanpur Coronavirus Cases Covid 19 Pandemic, Black Fungus, Coronavirus

abstract So far, more than 55 black fungus patients have been found in Kanpur. Two of them also died. See the doctor as soon as the first symptoms are noticed. Token photo – Photo: Social Media Black fungus (mucormycosis) has been confirmed in five patients after release from corona infection. All of them are admitted … Read more

Ask questions from American expert Dr. Prakash Sharma, Dr. Amandeep S. Dolla – Ask questions to the American expert Dr. Prakash Sharma, Dr. Amandeep S. Dolla, and learn how to avoid corona

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Preparation to overcome the corona in the villages with the help of newly elected princes – #ladengecoronase: Preparation to overcome the corona in villages with the help of newly elected princes

Police patrol the village. – Photo: Amar Ujala Preparations are being made to control corona infection by the head of the village government. Accordingly, a meeting of newly elected village chiefs was convened in the Bahadurpur block development complex of Gangapar on Friday. During the meeting, the minds were also told how to prevent corona … Read more

Varanasi Corona Cases Updates: Coronavirus Cases Relief and Active Case Today

Newspaper stand, Amar Ujala, Varanasi Published by: Geetarjun Gautam Updated Fri, May 14, 2021 12:04 PM IST abstract At Kovid Hospital, 609 beds out of 350 were emptied in 1,033 beds in government hospitals and 1,421 beds in private hospitals. The DRDO hospital at the BHU also has 79 beds in 250 beds. The number … Read more

Siddharth Nath gave Srn 150 high tech monitors for Covid patients

The sequence of facilities for covid patients continues at Moti Lal Nehru Medical College’s Althri SRN Hospital. Minister Siddharthnath Singh handed over 150 Hi-Tech Monitor Hospital Administration on Thursday to better treat patients. He appreciated the service atmosphere of the doctors and paramedics. Thursday marked the third time public officials reached the hospital to provide … Read more

Kanpur coronavirus cases: 17 deaths due to corona, 307 newly infected – Kanpur coronavirus cases: 17 deaths due to corona, 307 newly infected, critical condition of hospital patients

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