Meerut: Cricketer Suresh Raina needs oxygen bottle, seeks help from CM Yogi

In the country where the corona is wreaking havoc, people are struggling due to the lack of oxygen. At the same time, cricketer Suresh Raina was confronted with a lack of oxygen on Thursday. .

Threatening message for Cm Yogi Adityanath via the WhatsApp number of the police

Video table, Amar, Delhi Published by: Rachna Sharma Updated Tue 04 May 2021 11:33 AM IST Yogi Adityanath received a threatening message via the WhatsApp number of the UP police. Then there was a stir in the police department. See what was written in the message .

Viral video of Bahraich’s daughter giving her mother oxygen by mouth

Video Desk, Amar Published by: Rachna Sharma Updated Sun, May 02, 2021 3:24 PM IST A video has surfaced from Bahraich that will make your heart beat faster. One woman kept giving her daughters their breaths in the hospital but was unable to provide oxygen bottles. .

Meerut News: BJP leaders raise questions about Prime Minister Yogi’s testimony about patient treatment

The statement of the Chief Minister about the treatment of patients with corona in Meerut and letters from representatives and executives on site have become contradictory. In such a situation it is clear that either the administration is trying to mislead the government and the government or the public representative is not aware of the … Read more