Arvind will play in the Olympics – Arvind von Khurja qualified for the double scull rowing competition

Arvind of Khurja qualified for the rowing double scull competitionBulandshahr The row player Arvind Solanki, who lives in Khurja, has bought a ticket for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. He qualified in an easy double scull competition with the Indian boat driver Arjun Lal Jat. Family and teammates were happy about Arvind Solanki’s selection at … Read more

Corona Spread – Sick at home, growing infection

Sick in the house, growing infection Bulandshahr Between the corona infections there will be a house in the village where nobody is sick. When someone has a fever, someone complains of a cough and cold. Amar Ujala held talks on Saturday with the leaders and villagers of three villages in the Khanpur, Paratapur, Khidarpur and … Read more

Oxygen plant – commendable: The oxygen plant is to be built in Secunderabad. The doctor gave 19.60 lakh

Commendable: The oxygen plant is to be built in Secunderabad. The doctor gives 19.60 lakh Secunderabad. Corona patients with a lack of oxygen will soon get relief. Dr. Pradeep Dixit, a city doctor, gave the DM a check for 19.60 lakh to build an oxygen system in CHC Secunderabad. Work on the facility is expected … Read more

Corona vaccination – Now you have to register online in order to be vaccinated

Now you have to register online in order to receive the vaccineBulandshahr people must now register online for ongoing immunization to prevent corona. The possibility of registration on site at the vaccination center has now been abolished. From May 10th, people aged 45 and over will only be vaccinated after registering online. Without registration, they … Read more

Panchayat Chunav – Voting will take place today at 29 booths in six gram panchayats

The vote will take place today at 29 booths in six gram panchayats.Bulandshahr Voting will take place on Sunday in six gram panchayats of the district. The district administration has made all the necessary preparations for this. The videography will be conducted in all six gram panchayats during the survey for the sake of fairness. … Read more

Blood Crisis – Crisis: The blood of the negative group has ended, 27 units are still positive

Crisis: The blood of the negative group is over, 27 units have remained positiveBulandshahr On the one hand, where the number of corona infections is increasing, on the other hand the blood bank has triggered a blood crisis. Donors are also currently shy of going to blood banks as there is no blood donation camp. … Read more

Mother’s Day – We succeed with Mother’s inspiration

We succeed with mother’s inspirationBulandshahr That is why a dagger could not run on me, my mother’s prayer was placed on my veil. This line from Nazir Bakri fits perfectly with the mother’s Vatsalya. It is said that mother is a mother, be it by profession a doctor, police officer or in some other service. … Read more

Corona – silence in the morning after the morning walk

Silence in the morningBulandshahr Police authorities have begun to show vigor to break the chain of corona infection. On Saturday the shops are open for daily use from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. During this time, a large number of Chahal initiatives were seen on the streets and in stores. But after 11 a.m. the … Read more

Bulandshahar News – Thunderstorms in Bulandshahr brightened 300 villages

Lightning strikes 300 villages in Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Due to the storm rain, the electricity supply in the countryside was interrupted for more than 12 hours. After the storm and rain, the city was supplied with electricity, but in the countryside, electricity could be started until four in the morning and until seven in the morning. … Read more

Bulandshahar News – 500 bags of wheat soaked due to negligence by the relevant center

500 sacks of wheat were soaked through negligence on the part of the responsible centerAurangabad Wheat purchased from farmers was kept in the open air at RFC and Mandi Samiti’s wheat shopping centers in New Grain Mandi. More than 500 sacks of wheat were soaked in two shopping malls in the rain that came with … Read more