There should be no inconvenience to patients, the government will not allow the lack of resources: Upendra – no inconvenience to the patients, lack of resources the government will not allow: Upendra

Baliya. Sports Minister Upendra Tiwari took stock of the district’s health status amid the corona epidemic on Sunday. He conducted surprise inspections at the county hospital, L-2 Basantpur, and Fafna L-1 hospital. He said it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for any patient. The resources available should at least ensure better treatment. All doctors should present the … Read more

Sdm censured those who roam for no reason – SDM censured those who roam for no reason

SDM reprimanded the unnecessary hikersBeltharod. Sub-department head Sarvesh Kumar visited the city area on Sunday after the government extended the embargo due to the huge increase in the number of corona patients. Meanwhile, he reprimanded those who unnecessarily roam the street, drive unauthorized and not put on masks. Also warns of strict measures if Kovid … Read more

Nsa gets involved in indecency with Corona Warriors: DM – Action under NSA because of indecency with Corona Warriors: DM

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House of 12 families burned, mother burned to save child

Ramgarh slums of homeless residents living off flood reefs on National Highway 31 were burned to ashes in the fire that occurred late Saturday night. In the house of 12 families, the entire contents of the household turned to ashes. At the same time, the mother was injured while putting out the fire and rescuing … Read more

DR. Anil Of Ballia, one of the makers of Corona’s Medicine, also came to the village last year. In 2018, the residents of the district were saddened by this achievement. The villagers came in 2018, the residents of the district are overwhelmed by this achievement, the influx of congratulations

abstract Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra did his PhD for 22 students, more than 270 research papers have been published – As a scientist, he has lived in France and America for three years. Ashok Mishra, older brother of Dr. Anil Mishra, resident of Mishra Chak in the Sikanderpur area of ​​Ballia district who is looking … Read more

The shops with important goods open from seven to twelve in the morning

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Mlas angry after three days of vaccination freeze – MLA, CMO, broke out vaccinations over three days

Bairia. MLA Surendra Singh has been outraged about vaccinating Corona for the past three days because there is no vaccine in his constituency. The GMO was warned that the corona vaccine available in the district should be made available in equal numbers in each constituency of the assembly, otherwise should be prepared for serious consequences. … Read more

Better cleanliness around mosques – Better cleanliness around mosques

Baliya. District Judge Aditi Singh held a virtual session of the District Peace Committee on oath. All members involved commented on the inconvenience caused during the festival. In particular, everyone emphasized that they would take full care of the Kovid protocol.The district judge said all SDM-CO should hold a meeting of the peace committee in … Read more

Now the funeral is free for the person who dies of Corona

Baliya. The entire cost of burying people with corona infection is now borne by the community. In this regard, the additional general secretary of the Department of Urban Development, Manoj Kumar Singh, wrote a letter instructing the district judge to take the necessary action. With the knowledge of this, District Judge Aditi Singh has instructed … Read more

Karant Kee Chapet Mein Aane Se Yuvak Kee Maut – Youth dies of electrocution

Lung. A young man died from an electric shock in the hot village of the region on Thursday evening. The police obtained the information and took the body and sent it for a final test. Shahnawaz Hussain, 26, from the village did electrical decoration work. On Thursday evening he made decorations in a marriage program … Read more