Handing over migrating children to family

Ramala On Friday, the police handed over two children 12 km from the house to their relatives. Narendra Kirthal, a villager, is the driver of the contracted bus on the streets. His wife, Lakshmi Devi, left the house on Friday for work. Meanwhile, his five-year-old daughter Nishi, who was playing with her two-year-old brother Sunny, … Read more

Burglary by breaking open the lock of the house

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A young man who came to be vaccinated beat up a health worker

Aminagar Inn. Pilana, who came to the CHC for an anti-coronary vaccine, beat up a health worker. The defendant escaped and threatened to kill him. The CHC superintendent gave a tahrir at the Singhwali Ahir police station and called for action against the youth.Pilana arrived at CHC Saturday morning to be vaccinated by Rupesh Putra … Read more

Father and son attacked entering the house

Balinese. On Saturday, a child quarrel broke out in the area of ​​the police station in Puramhadev village. Meanwhile, sharp weapons went out. Two people on one side were seriously injured in the incident. Tegh Bahadur Hospital in Delhi was referred after one of its conditions is critical.Usman Putra Samayuddin, a resident of Pura Mahadev … Read more

DM Inspected Integrated Kovid Command Control Center – DM Inspected Integrated Kovid Command Control Center

Baghpat District Judge Rajkamal Yadav held a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Health at the Kovid-19 Integrated Kovid Command Control Center on Saturday. Instructions were given for the purpose of breaking the chain of the second wave of corona junction. He said that covid-19 patients with good and sweet behavior should be offered … Read more

Forgive all taxes in the Corona era – Forgive all state taxes in the Corona era

Baraut. Taxes levied on them by the state government should be waived by the financially troubled people due to the corona epidemic.The former head of the RLD, Satendra Malik, made this request through journalists on Friday. He said the public, facing lockdown and curfew since last year, has been broken in every way. However, they … Read more

Wheat Sourcing Boom – After the Panchayat elections, farmers arrived at the wheat shopping malls

Baraut. After the three-tier Panchayat elections, farmers are now turning to shopping malls to sell wheat. After the results of the Panchayat elections were announced, the influx of farmers in the centers has increased. For this reason, seven thousand quintals of wheat were procured in 14 days. So far, a total of 10,000 quintals of … Read more

Corona Policy Open Injury on Badka Road – Physical Distance Violation on Barka Road

Baraut. During the relaxation of the corona curfew, people’s carelessness is not decreasing. The city’s Bada Road is active from morning until late at night. The shops here are open all the time. Customers and shopkeepers who come into the market are very much against the guidelines. In this case, the infection may increase further.There … Read more

There is no oxygen starvation in covid hospitals – There is no oxygen starvation in the district covid hospitals

Baghpat The district administration and the health department provide the patients and home isolates in the Kovid hospitals with treatments and facilities. CMO Dr. RK Tandon announced that six covid care centers have been set up in the district. 50 beds in Medicity Hospital and Aastha Hospital Barot, 33 beds in Crystal Hospital Baghpat, 100 … Read more

Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated by hoisting the Jain flag at home – Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated by hoisting the Jain flag at home

Baraut. The Tritiya of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha is celebrated as the Akshaya Tritiya. On Friday, the Jain people celebrated Akshaya Tritiya at home.Sanjay Jain, Harshit Jain, Naveen Jain Babbal and Ashish Jain from the Jain Society said that Akshaya Tritiya has a special meaning in Jainism. It is believed in Jainism that Adinath, the first … Read more