The hospital staff took the Covid patient out of the hospital before the ambulance arrived in Mainpuri

Mainpuri Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sun May 09, 2021 12:03 AM IST abstract The staff escorted the infected woman out of the hospital before she got to the ambulance. She was harassed in a tricycle for an hour outside the hospital. Infected woman sitting on a tricycle outside the hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala … Read more

Social workers distributing food to Covid patients in Agra – #ladengecoronase: Commendable step in times of crisis, someone donated plasma and someone distributed food

abstract At the time of the Agra corona epidemic crisis, various institutions and conscious people are taking commendable steps. A quarantine center will be set up to provide free food to patients. Plasma is donated for the treatment of patients. Efforts are being made to raise the morale of the infected. Rakesh Garg donated plasma … Read more

Bjp and Sp make strategy for Zila Panchayat president in Firozabad – Firozabad: SP-BJP hires members to chair the Zilla Panchayat president

Firozabad Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sat May 08, 2021 12:33 PM IST abstract After the three-stage Panchayat elections, the board began to lay down the posts for the chairman of the district Panchayat president and the block chief. UP Panchayat Election 2021 (file photo) – Photo: Amar Ujala After the election of the members … Read more

Kasganj is not getting enough oxygen from Aligarh

Kasganj Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sat May 08, 2021 11:26 AM IST abstract Health Department officials are upset and concerned that Aligarh is not providing enough oxygen. The Kasganj district is also experiencing a lack of oxygen, but the Aligarh division officials have not yet been able to resolve the problem. Only vehicles that … Read more

Many teachers have not received a salary after six months of appointment – Agra: Even after six months of appointment, teachers are waiting for the salary

Agra Published by: Mukesh Kumar Updated Sat May 08, 2021 10:31 AM IST abstract A total of 732 teachers were appointed to recruit 69,000 teachers in the district. Of these, only 400 were asked to pay salaries. More than 50 percent of the 732 teachers recruited as part of the Agra District Council’s elementary schools … Read more

?????? ?? ??????? The oxygen system is set up to breathe life into the breath

Mainpuri patients lose the battle for life due to lack of oxygen. For this reason, on the initiative of the excise minister, CDO and SDM designed the oxygen system to breathe life into your breath. Various companies were approached to build an oxygen plant at the lowest cost. If all goes well, the system will … Read more

The Medical Association came out to help people – The Medical Association came out to help people

Bhogaon Medical Association officials have begun offering a helping hand amid the corona epidemic. On Saturday, the mayor of the association distributed masks and disinfectants free of charge to more than a hundred people. Pledge to sell drugs at reasonable prices to those who take drugs from members of the association. Kaushalendra Singh, mayor of … Read more

Lockdown prevents the installation of a stalled oxygen system

Firozabad The government’s plan to build an oxygen plant could not be implemented in the district. Despite the government’s announcement of all facilities, lockdown restrictions remain stagnant. According to industrialists willing to build an oxygen plant, the lockdown in large cities is an obstacle to the supply of qualified technicians and the technical equipment required … Read more

Panchayat Election Result Rigging Audio Goes Viral – Panchayat Election Result Rigging Audio Goes Viral

Mainpuri Audio of a conversation about changing the Panchayat election results went viral on Saturday. In this context, there is talk of giving back the money so as not to change even after the election result has been changed. There was an administrative panic after the audio went viral. Two pieces of audio went viral … Read more

Vote for the post of head in three gram panchayats today

Firozabad On Sunday there will be a vote on the post of leader in three vacant gram panchayats in the district. On Saturday 13 polling stations were sent from the auditorium in Vikas Bhavan. The surveys take place under strict security measures in the Jasrana village of Jasrana Block, Ridge of Tundla and Wajidpur-Kutukpur in … Read more