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The episode starts with people from all the localities asking Swarna to come out. Ajay says matter is calm, boss calls me and asks me to rejoin, I was very tense. Swarna is thrown out of his house. She asks how can you take me out. Vikram comes and hugs her. He says don’t worry, I will fight with the world, just sell this house. Swarna cries and turns away. Neelu caught him. Nimmo says she will not agree, she did not respect Mata ki Chowki. People opposed gold. A man throws a stone at her. Ajit comes and saves Swarna. Ajit beat the boy for throwing a stone. Ajit scolds Vikram. He says it is a big regret when a son makes a deal, come back. Chaddha says it is a matter of our area. Ajit threatens her and shouts. He says you will be responsible for your state. Chaddha says you were doing innocent work that day. Ajit says I treat the person as he behaves, I don’t like misbehavior. Vikram says you called him again, do some shame. Gold cries. Ajit asks her to go inside the house. Chaddha says she will not stay here. Ajit says this is his house, I will see who makes him away. Chaddha says you have no right at home. Lawyer’s assistant comes and says its right, what you are doing is illegal, gold is the owner of the property and Ajit is the guardian, police can come and arrest you, think well. Chaddha says I will see you. Ajit says I will stay here. everyone leaves.

Swarna says no one can kick me out, its fine. The girl says yes, this house is yours legally. Swarna cries and asks Ajit to leave. Ajit says I didn’t come to go back, sons who can defame their mother and file FIR, they can do anything. Swarna says they can misbehave with you. Ajit says I will not go anywhere, I promised Kanwal, I will not let anything wrong happen with you. Ankita says I have seen the letter. Ajay says don’t go to dad’s room, I trust him, he will not have any relation with Swarna. She asks what about the past. He leaves. There is talk between Nimmo and everyone. Aarav praises Ajit. They say that Shorvori has given this for your indigestion. Nakul eats the powder. They say that mother used to make this powder. Kiran says I knew it, she will play a new game. Vikram says Ajit is standing outside the house. Nimmo says I read that a storm is going to come tonight. Ajit is standing at the gate. Neelu says Ajit is still there, she says he will not go. Swarna says you go and talk to him, people will defame Ajit, go and explain to Ajit.

Ajit’s daughter-in-law checks Swarna’s letters in the chest and says sorry for doing so secretly. She reads the letter and says it has been going on for 30 years. Neelu says it is good you have come here, else they would have thrown out Swarna. Ajit tells her not to worry. He says Swarna must have asked me to leave, its fine. Neelu says yes, but stay here, we will not be scared. He says put this phone on charge, I have to tell my son and daughter-in-law that I am here. She goes. Ajit reads the letter and says Ajit has put us in this problem. Swarna talks to Kanwal and says you have sent Ajit to me. Ajit got drenched in the rain. Swarna says she is stubborn. Neelu takes Kanwal’s clothes. Swarna says don’t take Kanwal’s clothes, take Nakul’s clothes, maybe it fits him, ask him to leave. Swarna looks at Ajit from the window. The reporter sees Ajit outside Swarna’s house and says that Aashiqui 3 will be in limelight tomorrow. Swarna looks at Ajit. Neelu gives clothes and umbrella to Ajit. Ajit says it will not fit me, just give umbrella, Swarn is fine. Neelu says yes, she called you stubborn. He says stubborn horse. She goes. Ajit says I am in your every decision except that you performed last rites of Kanwal alone, I will fulfill my promise to Kanwal. Swarna looks at him.

Swarna says I will talk to you Ajit. Vikram and Nakul ask Swarna if Ajit was at home with her last night. They go to find him.

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