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The episode starts with Swarn saying that Kanwal is my world, my love and my god, he will always be there, I will do what he wanted, it was his last wish. Reporter asks what about your sons. Swarna says world is strange, things which we think do not break, break, I declare in all my senses that I am divorcing Nakul, Vikram and Yug. Everyone gets shocked. Journalists ask what are you saying. Swarna says my heart was broken long ago, today my illusion also broke, so I broke this relationship with him. Journalists ask how a mother can divorce her sons. Nimmo and Kiran come. Nimmo asks what are you saying, the one who divorces kids, do some shame. Nakul says you only know how to do drama, we came to know your truth. Vikram says she is doing drama even today, we did a lot for you, should I count it. Yug says you betrayed us and left us for Ajit. Vikram asks Swarna to reply to the media. Swarna remembers Kanwal’s words. She says if God is fine with you, then everything is fine. Nimmo asks what is happening, tell me. Swarna says whatever is happening is not right, I did not expect that I will do this. She remembers Kanwal’s words. She thinks I have no doubts on Kanwal and my upbringing, but I doubt the upbringing of the people they are living with. She goes. Journalists ask Nimmo what she is hiding. Nimmo leaves in anger. Swarna asks Neelu if she wants to ask anything. Neelu says no. She hugs Swarna and cries. She says everyone did wrong with you, you are really courageous. Swarna asks him to leave. Neelu says I will not leave you alone. Swarna says I am strong, go.

Nimmo says she is questioning my upbringing. Kiran says Swarna did not say wrong, he never raised his hand on his three sons, now calm down. Nimmo scolds her. She says she has thrown her sons, should I go and learn from her? Nakul says I am sorry for whatever mother said. Vikram drinks. He says we will celebrate, mother will be upset now. Swarna says I will not be weak, I will not back down now. She talks to Kanwal and lights the lamp. She sees the wheelchair and remembers Vikram’s words. Vikram says mother is indirectly asking our help, maybe she thought we will run to her, we didn’t, cheers our unity. Yug says I don’t know, I am confused. Vikram says save some emotion for your acting. Vikram says mother will come to request us. He asks Nimmo to calm down. Vikram says I am thinking of clash in Ajit’s house. Ajit sees the news of Swarna and is shocked. Ajay says they are not normal people. Ajit’s daughter-in-law says yes, you are right. Ajay says you remove your name from will and come back to normal life. Vikram says that Ajit will remove his name from the will. Nimmo says you all did not defend me. Yug says you went to insult him. He argues with Nimmo. Nakul asks Kiran to stop it. Vikram says relax, we have to stay united, we will win in the end, mother and baby cannot be away, behave like Swarna has troubled you a lot. Swarna thinks that now there will be no bad memory in this house. She takes the wheelchair out. Ajay shows lewd statements written on the wall. Ajit tries to erase it.

He says sorry, you are tolerating this because of me. Ajay says you are tolerating too, think about whom you will stop. Swarna rings the bell and asks Nimmo to call Vikram. Nimmo asks her to come inside. Vikram and everyone comes. Swarna says you wanted to count your favors, there is no need to do so. She returns him the wheelchair and says this is the only favor you did on us, you bought this second hand, I know, you bought it for Rs.4800. She gives him money. She teases him. They say mummy, we… they say not mummy. She goes. Nakul says you should have discussed this. Nimmo taunts Vikram. Vikram asks her to stop it. he goes. Nimmo says I will teach Swarna a lesson. Ajit applies black paint on the walls. He thinks I have to keep my promise, Swarna is listening to all nonsense. Its morning, Swarna says I have to transfer the joint account in my name. Vikram, Nakul and their lawyers arrive. The woman reads about the FIR, so she will freeze the bank account. Vikram says your account will be frozen. Swarna asks if the joint account cannot be transferred in my name. Woman says I am very sorry. Swarna says ok. She left. Nakul says he didn’t care. Vikram says okay, we have to take one more step.
Precap: Vikram says to Swarn, I hope you don’t regret giving us money, should I come back. Savaran tells him, you guys are strangers to me and I don’t take money from strangers. Nakul says to Swarna, you need money to survive. Swarna says I will work and run my house.

Update Credits: Amena

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