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Swaran Ghar July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran feeling confident

Swaran Ghar July 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Arjun asking Mrs. Gupta about Swaran. She says she came here to work as a cook, I don’t know her name. Arjun says you knew even then that I should find her… Rajeshwari asks what happened. He says I’m shocked you spoke badly to her when she saved my life twice. Gulabo asks if you did the work, give my commission. Swaran says yes, take it. Gulabo says you kept your job, how did you do the job, it’s not easy to get money from Mrs. Gupta. Swaran asks her for sweets. She says you gave me work and one more thing, confidence. Gulabo asks what that is. Swaran laughs.

Neighbor Jitender greets Swaran and teases her again. She scolds him. She asks if I should gather people here, you have mother, wife, daughter and sister, go and talk to them, I will hit you, think before you get in my way, go away. He goes. She calms down.

She laughs and says congratulations Swaran, I’m learning to go with the world. Nimmo asks Kiran to hurry up. They are promoting a voot movie. Ajit fetches the buckets of water. Swaran comes and gives Bebe candy. Bebe says I’ll have it, keep it. Swaran says the weather is good, I have a lot of things from the store, should I make the food. Ajit sees that Swaran’s foot is injured. She removes the cloth. She signs Ajit not to tell Bebe. She asks how you got here. He says for Bebe.

Swaran says wow you’re hiding things from me now amazing you’ve gotten friendly. She says I wasn’t scared of the fight and took the money of my rights thinking about you… what happened. Bebe remembers Vikram. Vikram calls Bebe. Kiran picks up his cell phone and says don’t call her. He says I feel bad and speaks rudely to Bebe. Nimmo says Swaran and Bebe ignored me at the restaurant, they have a lot of money to spend. Swaran asks if Vikram called. Ajit says Bebe called him. Swaran asks if you want anything, I have your meds. Bebe says I want to lighten your burden, I’m your burden, I can’t share your burden. Swaran is worried.

Nimmo says I have the kitten. She shows the money. She says we’re going to celebrate today. Vikram says yes, I want to get rid of this guilt, this party will be from my side, let’s celebrate. They are happy. Swaran cries and says everyone insulted me a lot today, I didn’t feel bad there, I feel bad for Bebe’s words.

She says you left the house with me why, because you thought I could fall alone, you have become a part of my dignity, how can you call yourself a burden, I will work hard and make money for you, that is of inspiration, not a burden. Ajit watches. She asks if you could be Bebe. Bebe says yeah I’m a burden so you lied to us, you said you went to teach the kids, you went to cook the food. Ajit says when you called for the recipe, I was with Bebe, she overheard our conversation. Swaran says yes, I lied, I needed this job. Bebe says we care about your respect, we don’t want you cooking food. Swaran says it’s needed. Bebe says respect for the house is being ruined.

Swaran asks which house, what respect, left everything behind, we cooked food for Ajits Dhaba, was it right, why is that wrong, Neelu used to cook for us too, we didn’t respect her. She asks Ajit why you didn’t explain to Bebe. Ajit says I’m wrong, listen to me now, you two won’t stay here, I’ll arrange a good seat and food until you guys get good work.

He says I won’t let you work in other people’s houses. Swaran asks if you allow me, Kanwal gave you my responsibility, he didn’t allow you to decide for me. He says this man behaved badly towards you in the morning. She says let me act, I get confidence, I feel good, I’m happy, let me handle it. Ajit says I’ll go. She asks him to leave. He leaves.

Arjun thinks of Swaran. Ajit listens to RJ Tanha’s show. The weather is getting bad. Swaran asks Bebe if you’re okay. Bebe says yes. Swaran asks her to rest. She gets a call. She sees Ajit’s name and disconnects. He calls again.

Babe gets sick. Swaran is looking for medicine. She screams for help. The diya is blown off. Swaran is worried.

Update credit to: Amena

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