Swaran Ghar 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran looks for Aarav

Swaran Ghar 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran looks for Aarav

Swaran Ghar 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran looks for Aarav

Swarna Ghar Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode starts with Swarn saying that I will save Aarav. Arjun meets the inspector and gives him the details of the car. The kidnappers take Aarav somewhere. Swarna remembers Aarav’s words. She says I kept that chocolate in my bag. She shows the chocolate. She says that she maybe passed out after this happened. Ajit says something I have written about him. She marks on the paper. Come to Mario written. She says I remember this name, this chocolate is not sold everywhere, one person makes it and sells it at her house, how did we find that? She says I’ll find out. Arjun says that we can accept Tanha’s help in this matter. Ajit says that he is famous. Arjun says I know him. Ajit says that the boy is my friend’s grandson, find out about the chocolate, who sold it. Arjun says I will find him.

Aarav freaks out at the sight of the kidnappers. He remembers Swarna’s words. RJ Tanha praises the Mario chocolate brand and says that I want to buy cartons of this brand. Ajit says that I met a good man, he has helped me. Gold prays for man’s wishes to be fulfilled. Arjun says that he wished we could find the boy soon. Swarna sits down to pray. The chocolate seller calls Ajit. Ajit says I want to meet you, can you come to Gurdwara? Nakul calls out to Swarna. He asks what’s going on there, Kiran doesn’t answer my call.

She says that I promise I will take Aarav home. Nakul says please find him. She says I’ll bring her back, don’t worry, I’ll call later. She prays for Aarav’s return. Kiran fainted. Nimmo sprays water on him. Swarna arrives and asks what happened. She asks Vikram to take Kiran and Nimmo home. Kiran asks about Aarav. Swarna says we will find him, nothing will happen to him, I will bring him, that is my promise. Vikram takes them. Shorvori arrives and hugs Swarna.

Swarna says that they did wrong to separate mother and son, they will be punished. Aarav chants the name of Satnam Waheguru. The thug asks the others to shut up and demands a ransom. Ajit and Swarna meet a chocolate seller. He says that I make chocolate and I sell it in small shops, I don’t know how they kidnapped your grandson. She asks if someone asked you to mix something in the chocolate. He says no, I will never do that, I don’t remember anything. Nimmo says I don’t know. Swarna says I’m missing something. She remembers the kidnappers. She says that the man was trying to talk to Aarav inside. She remembers Shorvori and tells. Arjun is in the car. The thugs call on the radio. Arjun listens to the thugs. The kidnapper says that we had bought that chocolate and put the medicine, we have that boy. Swarna, Ajit and Arjun listen to this. The kidnapper demanded a million rupees. Ajit gets angry. The hijacker says that we can kill more people in one million rupees, we have already killed two policemen.

Arjun asks what is the plan now, they are asking for a million rupees. Ajit says they are asking for a crore. Arjun says that we must inform the boy’s family. Nimmo asking for a million rupees? Kiran says that I want my Aarav back. Vikram asks how we will get so much money. She asks him to sell the house. He tells her to calm down, they can’t sell it, they borrowed it. Nimmo says that she is right. Kiran receives Nakul’s phone call. They say the kidnappers demand a million rupees. Nakul says I know, don’t worry, I’ll manage the money, I’ll come on the next flight. Kiran says no, I can’t wait, I don’t know what they are doing with my son.

Swarna and everyone pray for Aarav’s safety. Ajit says that we should all go another route, we can find the thugs. Arjun leaves. Swarna remembers Aarav. She asks how dare you touch my Aarav, I won’t let you.

Swarna looks at the thug. She says that one of the kidnappers is this man, it means that Aarav is here. The kidnapper sees Swarna.

Update Credits: Amena

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