SUGA aka Min Yoongi drops shirtless pics in artistic photoshoot; ARMY has a wild meltdown, ‘This is so unprovoked’ [View Tweets] – News

SUGA aka Min Yoongi drops shirtless pics in artistic photoshoot; ARMY has a wild meltdown, ‘This is so unprovoked’ [View Tweets] – News

SUGA aka Min Yoongi drops shirtless pics in artistic photoshoot; ARMY has a wild meltdown, ‘This is so unprovoked’ [View Tweets] – News

BTS Chapter 2 is the exact opposite of what BTS Chapter 1 has been. Children explore themselves as artists and their individual personalities more openly. The old army of BTS is in shock and dealing with hard times. Ever since BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook entered Chapter 2, they have become bolder. Well ARMY knows what that means. One by one, each BTS member is discovering a thirst trap and right now, a wild meltdown is taking place and it’s all thanks to Min Yoongi aka Suga. Also Read: BTS: SUGA’s Name AKA Min Yoongi Appeared On Philippine Bar Exam Quiz; The ARMY believes the iconic line came true

Suga Opens Thirsty Trap With New Artistic Shirtless Photoshoot

Hollywood News and Twitter are all the rage and buzzing thanks to BTS member Min Yoongi aka Suga. The latest photo shoot of him has caused a stir among the military. Suga isn’t usually that active on Instagram and that’s great because every time she goes online it causes chaos. And even now she has done the same. Min Yongyi was shirtless. He left 4 photos, two of which were identical. The first set is about Suga, shirtless and with his neck covered in flowers. The second outfit is Suga, still shirtless, but wearing a single-tone abstract yarn headdress. AgusD inserted a shy monkey emoticon in the caption, that’s all. Also Read – Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, BTS Jin & Suga, Kartik Aaryan – 5 Male Celebrities Whose Long Hair Increased Their Sex Appeal – see photos

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Check out Min Yoongi’s, aka Suga’s, latest Instagram post here:

The ARMY is having a wild meltdown on Twitter:

It is not known if the images shared by the Run BTS hitmaker are from his photo series or not. But it will be J-Hope’s photo series that will be released before Suga. Well, let Suga tell everything in due time from him. Meanwhile, he must be enjoying the wild thirst trap that started after he dropped the photos. The army’s mercury has risen due to the photo shoot of him. Check out the tweets here: Read also: BTS Suga aka birthday boy Min Yoongi is the best of boys, Hyung is very nurturing. [videos]

i just logged in
and all tl is wild
excuse me while I live alone
that’s art omg that’s art
i need to know more

– ms (@msahu2510) January 5, 2023

Umm… I’m sorry?!? What is this guy trying to do? I’m going to say some of these days for one of them. ,
It looks like a mermaid in blue. ,#minyounggi #PreciousYoongi

– StarLit_Night (@Scarlett_Wishes) January 5, 2023

Oh god Min Yoongi??!#!$#?

—Pau (@sugatays) January 5, 2023

????????????????????????????????? #shuga #Yongi @BTS_twt

– Shosho Vaccines || Daddy day? (@ShohoTk7) January 5, 2023

Beauty God….!!!!! #shuga #minyounggi #lowkeydebelowkey

— Augustus (@goblin_min) January 5, 2023

wow this min yoongi ???

Sutriya_Suga? (@sutriyavulandar1) January 5, 2023

Min Yoongi what the hell?!?!?!?

– Karolina❄ will see Yeezy’s girlfriend, Louise!! (@fiaryxitzy) January 5, 2023

I need insurance for damage caused by Min Yongyi

– is it just me7 ???? (@sradhaismyname) January 5, 2023

thinking of him and only him #shuga,

– yes? (@sugaaaaaa993) January 5, 2023

wtf i just woke up min yoongi?!

– G⁷ ????????? (@sope_thk) January 5, 2023

So I think whenever the army gets mad about something, BTS posts their topless pics… Monk… you’re lucky today, but you? still on mine? List

and thank you min yoongi ???

–Yun Jin | స్~ (@Sugarrific_Jin) January 5, 2023

Min Yongyi I have no words?

— dream⁷ (@taesugoney) January 5, 2023

min yoongi omg wtf

— VJ ⁷ Namjoon’s wife (@tatamic1995) January 5, 2023

my mind is not with min yoongi right now

– Moni⁷⁷⟁ (@raapmonnie) January 5, 2023

I thought I’d never see the day when he…Min Yoongi…posts photos like this! He looks absolutely adorable, and I didn’t think I would physically cry looking at him. I love seeing his confidence through these amazing photos!@bts_bighit

— I love KPOP and Louis (@BKGMNBWGS19) January 5, 2023

Butch bitch, what did Min Yoongi just post?!?!?

— Iya⁷ (@yoopuff) January 5, 2023

Oh god.. Min Yoongi!!!

— syd⁷ (@yoongi4lyfer) January 5, 2023

I really can’t handle her milk skin, her collarbones, the side angles, her hair. Damn Min Yoongi!!! how to breathe

– merlabs (@merlabts) January 5, 2023

Min Yoongi?????? I am speechless

⁷ (@my7frienz) January 5, 2023

Excuse me min yoongi??? No, you’re not going to do this to me!! How do I end chapter 2 if all of you are like this?!

—Jin (@JinnieSeokjinni) January 5, 2023

I’m going crazy, can’t you just leave it at that? min yogi sir please speak into the microphone

– FFF? (@byebebluest) January 5, 2023

Min Yoongi is so cute, can’t I say anything?✋#minyounggi

— cookie97?♡ (@IrmaDam68245342) January 5, 2023

min yoongi always eats by the grace of the real god

— A⁷ ? yoongi’s girlfriend (@omfgyoongi) January 5, 2023

OMG Min Yoongi!?!?!!! At first I thought it was a statue!!!?!!!?!!!

– Lynne ᵕ̈ (@9597hauls) January 5, 2023

this is too much for me is this a fucking dream or what???? Shall we undress Min Yoongi???? I can not believe it

– Pvt? (@prara_vkk) January 5, 2023

Meanwhile, Suga had That’s That with Psy, which was released last May. She also won big on MAMA 2022. She has her own drinking show on YouTube. Speaking of her mandatory military service, it is said that she may be completing her mandatory services as a social service agent instead of an active duty soldier.

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