Students Shifting To CBSE From Foreign Boards Do Not Require Approval

The list of equivalence of grades 10 and 12 of foreign boards with similar CBSE grades has also been published on the board’s website

If the name of the board a student from India comes from (CBSE) is on the list, the school may grant the student admission if otherwise authorized. The approval of the board of directors is not required for the admission of a foreign board student.

Since admission of students from other bodies is based on the similarity of the classes of two different bodies, students will be asked for their consent to course admission every time they switch from foreign bodies to CBSE. Apply to CBSE through school. 9 through 12 based on equality.

“In the aftermath of the corona pandemic, many families are moving to India for various reasons. Hence, many students studying abroad on foreign boards join CBSE member schools. Given the current circumstances and problems of these students and their families, CBSE has decided that from now on students will not need prior approval from the Board of Directors to be admitted to CBSE member schools. a statement.



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