Stock Market Today: What was the Hindenburg Research report falling why?

Stock Market Today: What was the Hindenburg Research report falling why?

Stock Market Today: What was the Hindenburg Research report falling why?

India’s stock market has been hit hard ever since Hindenburg Research released the report on Adani Group, with shares of major companies falling by 20% in the recent two-three days, and some trader analysts Accordingly, these shares may fall further. Stay tuned till the end to know why Indian stock market is falling day by day.

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if you just keep an eye Share Market Adani Group is one of the biggest companies in India, under which there are many companies, the shareholders of these companies i.e. Gautam Adani is the richest man in Asia, since Hindenburg Research has released its report Adani Group But most of the people are withdrawing the money invested in the companies under the Adani Group, due to which the stock market is falling for the last few days.

This question must be arising in your mind that what was there in that report that people have started withdrawing the money invested in Adani group companies.

Actually, Hindenburg Research has claimed in its report that all the companies under Adani Group do money laundering and they have wrongly raised their company to such a height, along with releasing the report, they have also told that They have strong evidence related to this. For this, he also told in his research that the shares of this company are going to fall very soon and advised the investors to withdraw their money from the companies as soon as possible, otherwise they will lose their money.

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Whether we should invest in these companies of Adani Group now or not, it is impossible to say whether the stock will go further down or up, because Hindenburg Research is a very reliable firm, people cannot take lightly the report published by it, There is also a fear that if the fall in stocks continues like this, then India’s stock market may collapse.

Companies under the Adani group: Adani Enterprises, Adani Ports & SEZ, Adani Green Energy, Adani Power, Adani Transmission, Adani Total Gas, Adani Wilmar and Ambuja Cement have seen their shares fall up to 20% in the past few days. Due to which crores of rupees of investors and big companies have been drowned, if this stock falls further then the investor will lose even more money.

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Gautam Adani was the third richest person in the world before the release of the Hindenburg Research report, but now when the shares of all his companies have fallen by almost 20%, he has come down to the seventh position in the list. richest manIf stock sees further decline in coming days, then probably his name will be out of top 10 list, this is because his net worth also includes shares of various companies of Adani group as shares of these companies have fallen If it is, then its network is also decreasing.

Will the Indian stock market collapse?

It is not possible to predict anything about what will happen in the Indian stock market in the days to come. Investors are worried that if the shares of all Adani Group companies keep falling, will the Indian stock market collapse? According to some trader analysts, if there is nothing negative for big companies in Budget 2023, then the shares of Adani Group’s upcoming companies may rise again.

According to traders analysts, if an investor wants to invest money in companies under the Adani group, he should invest 30% of that money in addition to a larger amount, if it falls further, he can invest 30% of the remaining 70%. Will invest , Although it is difficult to say whether the shares of companies will fall further or will rise.

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