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Spy Bahu June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal’s Birthday Party, Abhi Planning Attack

Spy Bahu June 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Sejal narrating the game to Patni Parmeshwar. Saras says Pati is Parmeshwar. Yohan says our women are good. She explains that all husbands stand in a line, all ladies go one by one, and each husband should identify their touch. She’s thinking of taking Farid’s DNA this way. Shail failed to identify Shalini and will be punished. He is asked to do sit-ups. Next up is Drishti. She goes to Abhi but he could not identify her. Yohan identifies her as his sister Drishti. Abhi is punished for giving his money away. Krish says do it. Abhi empties his wallet. Sejal comes to Saras. He identifies her and signals her to leave. She comes to Abhi thinking that this is the right opportunity to take the DNA sample. She manages to grab his hair out of his hands. She then comes to Yohan. Yohan identifies her and whistles. Everyone clap for her. Yohan takes off the blindfold and looks at her with a smile. Kehdo naa plays…..Krish says this is my brother. Sejal says I’ll be there in 1 minute. She goes to her room and keeps the DNA sample in the cosmetic box. She remembers giving the sample for DNA testing. She opens the door and sees Yohan. He says you came here suddenly. She says she has some work. He holds her hand and says you look very beautiful but I want you to look even more beautiful like Sejal. He says don’t listen to anyone, you’re perfect just the way you are. He makes you wear glasses and says you keep silent when I speak and I feel like I worded it wrong. He asks her to understand that Mahira is his past and she is his present. Sejal says I’m glad you trusted me and let me in on the secret. He asks, don’t you trust me, why did you hide the things from me?

Sejal says my real name is not Sejal Kotharia. She says I was 5 years old when Mom and Dad adopted me. She says I was born in Kashmir and my name was Mahira Mirza. He asks her not to joke. Sejal says I didn’t lie and tells everything. She tells that Saras and Minal adopted her. SK is training her to be a spy. She says I married you for it. Yohan gets angry and says you married me for a mission. He says you ruined my memories and asks her to believe that he is dead to her. He says I hate you and love you too. It turns out to be her imagination. Yohan asks Sejal what happened that made her go silent. Bomba asks her to come. Sejal thinks she can’t tell him she’s Mahira. She cuts the cake and offers it to Yohan first. Yohan lets her eat it and wishes her a happy birthday. Bomba asks for her gift. Yohan says he wants to give her a moment, a memory. He takes a bracelet out of the box. Veera says this is Aarti Didi’s bracelet. Yohan says it’s very precious to me that I don’t allow anyone to touch it, but today I want you to wear it. Sejal gets emotional. Yohan proposes to her hand. Sejal puts her hand in his. ek duje ke vaaste plays…..Abhi tells the time about Sejal and Yohan. The bracelet falls from Yohan’s hand. Abhi holds the chain of chandeliers and exits. Yohan sees the falling chandelier and saves Sejal. You fall to safety. Chandelier falls down where they stood. They ask each other if they are okay? Aarun asks are you alright?

Drishti comes over to Yohan and Sejal and says if you didn’t bend down to pick up the bracelet then… Yohan says Maa saved us. Sejal realizes that Farid Bhai tried to kill her. Abhi comes there and thinks about how they were saved. Shalini says how that chandelier fell down? Veera says it might have come loose and fallen. Yohan says it was cut on purpose. Bomba says Ambe Maa did it because it’s good. Sejal thinks about bringing Farid’s truth to light and doesn’t let anything happen to anyone. Later she sits in the car and leaves. someone sees her Sejal comes into the pathology department and says that she wants to have a DNA sample tested. She asks Sister to take her sample as a second sample. She asks when the report is coming? The nurse says the lab is closed now, you’ll get a report tomorrow.

She returns home and thinks it’s good that everyone slept. Minal asks where did you go? Sejal says she has some work. Minal asks her to come along. She massages her head with oil and asks if you are worried about the accident. Sejal says she is worried about tomorrow and asks if she is fasting for Yohan because she is a Punjabi bahu. Yohan comes over and asks if she needs anything. Minal says nothing, saying that he is like her older son. Sejal thinks Mom knows our relationship is ending, so why is she talking like that. Yohan asks her not to call him Yohan ji and secondly if he can get a head massage like Sejal too.

Minal says sit down, Yohan. Yohan sits next to Sejal. Minal does his head massage with one hand. Sejal remembers to keep the fast for Yohan for his safety and won’t let anything happen to him because of Farid Bhai.

Prelude: Yohan asks Sejal why she kept the fast when she is going to leave him. He falls. Sejal asks if he held any. Sejal receives the report and goes to tell Yohan. Abhi/Farid stands and turns to her. She says Farid Bhai.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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