Spy Bahu July 22, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal’s truth comes before Veera

Spy Bahu July 22, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal’s truth comes before Veera

Spy Bahu July 22, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal’s truth comes before Veera

Spy Bahu July 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Veera thinking until Sejal’s bones break I won’t find peace. She’s waiting for Sejal to come down. She gets a call and sees Sejal standing outside praying to God. She thinks how she came down without falling. Sejal asks Ambe Maa to answer her prayers. Veera goes inside and checks the stairs, she couldn’t find any oil or traces of it. She comes out and falls, slipping on the oil. Sejal thinks you attacked Yohan first and then Drishti. She says how you sow, so you reap. Sejal takes care of Veera’s legs. She asks Servant to clean the floor. Shalini says it’s good your teeth didn’t fall out. Sejal says I’ll make up for it with my massage soon. Veera thinks you brought me down, I’ll ask about you.

Veera’s clerk comes to Minal-Saras’ house disguised as a Sardar-ji and says that he is from the government to count the population. He asks how many children you have? Only then does he get a call. Saras and Minal step aside, suspecting the clerk.

Sejal asks Veera if she’s in pain. Veera says yes. Sejal says it’s good and says you’ll be fine soon. Krish comes there and asks for Rs 2 lakhs to buy a new watch. Veera says she can’t give today because she can’t walk. Shalini asks for keys and says she will give the money. Veera refuses. Sejal wonders why she’s hesitating. The clerk asks Minal and Saras about their children. Saras’ mother tells that they have a child of their own and Sejal is the adopted daughter from Kashmiri, she was 5 years old when they adopted her. Saras asks his mother to go inside and apologizes and takes her inside. Minal is worried.

Arun returns home appreciating Yohan for having tripled his profits and it also shows its effect on their business in Dubai. Yohan says you say that because I did 70 crores of charity work. Arun says you made a profit, I won’t say anything, great work. He comes in and asks what happened? Sejal says Mama Ji slipped. Shalini asks how Shail was. Arun says disappointing. Krish laughs. Veera asks if he will stay behind for a few days. He says I have to get some papers signed and leave immediately. Sejal asks Veera to go to Dubai with Papa ji to spend the precious moments. Shalini says Mata Rani came in my dreams yesterday and asked me to take charge of the house and locker. She asks them to leave happy. Veera screams and asks why she is behind her keys. Krish Says Mom? Veera says it’s a burden that others can’t handle. Sejal says that greed and responsibility break a person. He asks Yohan if Aarti Mumie Ji would have been alive if we had burdened her with responsibility. Yohan says it’s not from Maasi, it’s from my mother. Shalini says she should get the keys as she is the ideal bahu. Veera remembers to give keys to Shalini as she can easily fool her. She tells Sejal that she is right, she should relieve her responsibility and therefore give the keys to Shalini since she is the eldest bahu. Yohan says that’s the difference and says if mom had been here she wouldn’t have done it. He says everyone knows who’s taking care of everyone, the choice is yours. Arun thinks he should make Yohan happy for business reasons and asks Veera to give the keys to Sejal as she will take the responsibility well. Veera says Shalini is the older Bahu. Arun asks her to give the keys to Sejal. Shalini gets angry and says that she is an ideal bahu. She says everyone knows how this servant lured Yohan into marriage. Yohan asks if I should remember what you did. Sejal stops him and asks Veera to give Shalini the keys since she can take care of the house without the keys. Arun says the decision has been made and asks Veera to give the keys to Sejal. Sejal comes to Veera. Veera puts keys in her hand and keeps her hand on her head. Sejal holds her hand.

The agent reviews Sejal’s interview transcripts and reviews the DNA report. He gets all information about her. He sends a report to Veera. Veera says Sejal is Kashmiri Mahira, the daughter of police informants Ayat and Shareef Mirza. She says she went to the orphanage after death, and then to Saras-Minal. The clerk tells Veera that even Farid identified her. Veera is shocked.

Staff says I found out from the clinic that a copy was given to Abhishek. Veera gets angry and tells Traitor if he was alive I would have killed him. She says he didn’t tell me Sejal is his sister. Employee says Sejal decrypted password of 70 crores account. Veera says I thought Yohan is the hurdle but Sejal is the one. The employee says who sent them. Veera remembers her entrance and how she cut the bomb wire. She realizes that Sejal is a spy and marries Yohan. She says she’s here even after her brother’s death, and that means she wants to reach me. Sejal looks at the keys and says that even Sir Ji’s secrets with the locker will be revealed.

Prelude: A girl sends a message to Sejal, naming her Mahira. Sejal remembers to tell Yohan the truth. While Sejal and Yohan share some romantic moments. Sejal says I want to tell you something.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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