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scene 1
Yuga says when Shail, Drishti and I were out, who made this prasad in the kitchen? He tells Sejal that you are the house manager here? Sejal says I don’t know who.. He says find out before I fire you. I want to know who made non veg in this house today. I want everyone here in one line. Arun says what are you doing? Yohan asks who made this chicken? They say that they have turmeric spice on their chicken. show me your hands. He examines their hands. Maya is scared. John looks at Sejal’s hand. It has turmeric colours. Johan took her hand and said that you did this? You made this chicken? How dare you.. Sejal says no. I can never cook chicken. He says who is having turmeric in your hand? She says when I was chopping dry fruits, turmeric fell on my hands. He says stop lying. Sejal says I was out. Why would I do this? He says because you are here to ruin my life. From sending me to jail to ruining mother’s anniversary.

Arun says Veera did you support this girl? Sejal says Veera madam I did not do anything. Veera says I don’t want to hear anything. I told you how important this day is to us. After that if you do any mistake then I will fire you myself. She left. Sejal tells Yohan I am sorry. I did not do anything. He says I hate liars like you and Veera Nanda. Now you will know how it feels when something wrong is happening in front of you and you are unable to do anything. He pulls her out. Sejal says please listen please.. please. He ties a chain to her feet. She says I cannot do anything for a mother even if her son is ter.. He says what did you say? Sejal says I did nothing. He says that no one will release him. John goes inside.

scene 2
Yohan looks at his mother’s picture and says I’m sorry mom. Sejal got hurt in her leg. Yohan says your respect is more important than my life. Sejal recalls that Veera had said that she wanted everyone to eat together. Sejal says I didn’t want to ruin your family aarti today, Aarti madam. I will unite everyone at the table today. I am sorry for what went wrong. She tells the guard please let me fetch water. John sees a letter on his bed. He reads My dear son, I know it hurts when loved ones go away but I want you to be happy today. You all have to eat together for me. Drishti reads that I cannot eat you myself but I know you love pickles. Arun also reads, Arun for me you have to eat with everyone. Shail cried after reading the letter. John reads to your mother Aarti. Drishti brings the letter to him. She says did you get it too?? Who sent it from mother’s side?

Sejal says I wrote those letters risking my mission. He kept those letters. Sejal says I hope they all eat together, and Arti will be happy. Drishti says will you go to dinner for mom? please. He refused. Drishti says please for mother. Shail says talk about your heart, brother. He has a letter in his hand. Shail says talk your heart out for mother. We have enough love for him to eat together. Please go He walks away in tears. Drishti says I wish Shail would keep us united like this. The elders have lost us. Yohan says that people go of their own accord. She says then come up with your choice for mom.

scene 3
Veera prepares dinner. Shalini says let’s start. Veera says let’s wait. Shalini says for Yohan? I don’t think he will ever accept us or this company. Tell dad to give you the shell.. Arun brings Krish. He says it is not healthy for you. Arun says start eating. Yohan and Drishti come. Arun says no one will stop for Yohan.. He goes back. Veera says Yohan please stop. Come see, John, let’s eat. please. She takes them to the table. Veera says I know eating together is new for us but today for Aarti didi we can leave our issues behind and eat together. Krish says to Drishti what do the families discuss at the dinner table? Shalini says let’s talk about Aarti Maa? Had she been alive, she would have made Shail the President of the company but… everyone looks at her. She says we can talk like a family right? Krish says father I want 20 lakhs. I want to go to a party with friends. Shail says 4 lakh is mine, I gave you loan. Krish says this was my gift. Shalini Veera tells Krish that all her wishes are fulfilled. Shell does not get such money. Is it because he is not your and Aarti’s son? Veera says what are you saying? Arun says I don’t like it at all.

Krish tells Shail that I gave you 75k watch also. He says it was fake. Krish says I got it. John claps and stands up. He says wow, just wow. I thought today I will eat with my so called family. who are you guys? It is a market where everyone comes to Mr. Amir Arun Nanda with their insatiable desires. Some want positions, some want money and holidays. At least one day’s show? Think of others one day? He asks Veera if it is family dinner for which you wrote letter and called us all? for this circus. Veera says I am sorry but I did not write any letter. They are shocked. Arun says I have got letter also. Who sent the letter? Yohan says you know all this. You know everyone’s likes and dislikes and childhood things.. Who wrote it? Veera says I know all that. Yes., Sejal was asking me. He served this dinner. He says but I locked him outside.. He is in the rain.

episode ends

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