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scene 1
Inspector tells Meenal and Saras that he cannot register FIR and FIR for 24 hours. Meenal says what do you mean? Saras takes her out. Meenal recalls her moments with Sejal. She cries. They ask around. No one has seen him. Drishti makes Yohan cry. She calls him and says brother please pick up your phone. She cries and says where did mother go? Abhishek hugs her. She cries. Shail and Shalini drink. She says take this. Shail ignored him. SK and Tanaji are also trying to find Sejal.

scene 2
The next morning Johan woke up tied up in a dark room. He is confused. He says where am I? He looks around. John tries to break the wires. Sejal is out. She enters the room and Yohan is not there. She looks around with a gun. Sejal says this is what I wanted.

The wedding function begins. The minister asked where is Yohan? Arun says Yohan will come back don’t worry. The entire police force will find him. Alisha comes in bridal dress and says I am sure Yohan will come. I trust my love. He has to come for me. I have waited for him for 10 years. He will be mine forever. Shalini says that she will marry herself. Krish says what an idiot. Alisha’s mother says you cannot go to the mandap alone. She says mother please move aside. Arun calls his men and tells them to find him. Alisha says that Arun uncle has a sword with Arun’s outfit for a royal look. His father says why are you trying to go to the mandap. He’s not here yet. She asks Veera to remove her evil eye. She says a lot of people will be jealous. Alisha’s mother tells Yohan to be brought at any cost. Veer says it is time. please sit down Alisha says no. Alisha goes and sits in the mandap. She kindles the fire.

Everyone stops him. They ask what are you doing. Alisha says please wait, he will come. Alisha lights fire and says our mandap is burnt now. I will come out of this pavilion either as the wife of John or as the dead body. The minister tells Arun that if anything happens to my daughter, I will destroy your business and house. Arun says please calm down. Alisha’s pallu catches fire. Arun calls hi men and asks where is John? John comes in and says I am here. Everyone is surprised to see him. Alisha runs and hugs her. John rubs fire with his pallu. Veera says thank god you came back. Drishti hugs Yohan and asks are you fine? He says me.. he remembers everything. Alisha says I told you that Yohan will come for my love. Veera says did you get into any trouble? He refused. Arun says get ready Yohan, marriage time is ending. John goes upstairs.

scene 3
Tanhaji keeps calling Sejal. He says that Sejal has reached Yohan Wedding Venue. Take the last step. Drishti comes to Yohan and says I am sorry. I couldn’t do anything for your marriage. He says take rest. She says you never lied to mother. why did you lie to me? How did you suddenly disappear? Yohan remembers last night. He says don’t worry I am fine. I’m happy. Drishti says don’t lie. I know about your deal with Dad. I can stay away from this house but please don’t waste your life. He says I cannot break my promise. She says it is a deal. He says I promised mother that I will keep you happy always. Drishti cries and says I cannot live with this guilt. Please don’t marry her. Johan hugs her and says I will do anything for you. They both cry. He says I will be ready. Drishti cries.

John gets ready. He remembers Mahira and says I am sorry I could not find you. Sejal gets ready as a bride. She looks at Johan’s picture. Yohan says we can be together in the next life. Sejal puts a cross on Yohan’s photo with red lipstick.

The marriage begins. John comes to the pavilion. Alisha says I got everything that I wanted. She says on the mic that I will prove that everything is possible for me. I had fallen in love with him at first sight. I wrote my fate with Yohan. If I am here, who is the bride in life. Everyone sees the bride getting down in the lift. Everyone is surprised. His face is hidden. Johan stands up in shock. Sejal hangs in the air in life.

episode ends

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