Spy Bahu 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal is attacked in Jail, Veera executes her plan

Spy Bahu 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal is attacked in Jail, Veera executes her plan

Spy Bahu 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal is attacked in Jail, Veera executes her plan

Spy Bahu Aug 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yohan taking Veera to the hospital with a fake Mahira/Ahana. Sejal is taken to jail, where her fellow inmates call her a murderer, a terrorist. She is in shock, the police lady pushes him towards the lock and locks him up. Yohan remembers Sejal’s words that Veera is a terrorist and is known as Sir Ji. Sejal remembers being sworn to be a spy and SK refuses to accept the truth from her. Arun calls Veera and says I’m back. Veera is unwell. She says I went for a few days, and the house is ruined. He asks if there is no one who can handle the situation. The doctor arrives there and says that Mrs. Nanda has suffered a small heart attack. Krish says that he is healthy. The doctor says that due to the condition. Shalini accuses Sejal. Krish accuses Yohaan of giving Sejal a chance and says don’t love my mother but don’t take her life. Yohan apologizes to Veera. Veera acts sweet and says I’ll be fine in a day or two, but the wound you have. She says that no one will blame Yohan for my condition. Kris shook her head and said sorry. The doctor asked him to go home. Arun is going to do the paperwork. Yohan, Shalini and Krish exit. Ahana says I’ve forgotten my phone and I’ll get it. She returns to Veera and tells her that I know you didn’t have a heart attack. Veera widens her eyes and laughs. Ahana asks how you did this, you tricked the doctors too. Veera says that she actually had a heart attack, but not really. She tells him that she injected herself to cause a heart attack. Ahana says that if something had happened. Veera says that she knows how much dose to give or take. She says that because of Sejal, Yohan spoke to me with respect. He says that both Yohan and Sejal are under my feet. Ahana asks when will you crush both of them. Veera says very soon, as soon as she gets the chance and asks Ahana to do the job.

Yohan drives the car and thinks about Sejal’s words that everyone has betrayed him. He comes home. Sejal is locked up in shock. Yohan arrives at his room and remembers Sejal’s words that he is innocent.

Ahana adds a pill to Yohan’s drink. A prisoner further tells Sejal that she has committed 14 murders and asks Sejal what she has done. Sejal calls the bailiff and asks him to change the light bulb. The police lady asks him to make it a habit. Ahana approaches Yohan and tells him that he doesn’t like to eat, but that he should drink this juice. She says that he wants to be alone for a while. She says that I won’t leave you alone, that I have the right to be your friend. Yohan says that he was alone in the dark before Sejal arrived. Aahana asks her to move on and says that I will help you forget her, and maybe I can forget my pain too. She says that she can’t believe that Sejal can cheat on him. He says that if this was all false, what is the truth? He says that the world is like that, false and selfish. Ahana says that if you don’t take care of yourself, then who will take care of Drishti. She asks him to drink for Drishti’s sake. She thinks that I will take advantage of your unconscious state, that you will have no choice but to bow your head in front of me. The prisoner gets up at night. Yohan takes the glass to drink the juice and drops it on the stairs. He says that this broken glass is my life now. The prisoner attacked Sejal. Sejal pushes him away and screams for help. To blame Sejal, the prisoner attacked herself with a sword. The police lady arrives there and trusts the prisoner instead of Sejal. They say he will be transferred to a high security prison. The woman recalls that Veera’s employee had hired her to attack Sejal.

Veera calls Ahana and tells her that Sejal has proven to be a dangerous prisoner and is being transferred to another jail. She asks do you know what to do? Ahana says yes. Drishti dreams and screams, she asks Abhi for help. John gets there. Drishti tells Yohan that some people are taking Sejal and that she is in danger. Yohan says you can’t meet her. Drishti insists on meeting him and tells him that she is in danger. Yohan calls the police and asks if they can meet with Sejal Nanda. The inspector says that her wife is being transferred to a high-security prison and cannot be reunited with her. Sejal is taken away in the van. Aahana waits outside and says the last, Sejal’s death and Mahira’s victory.

Precap: Aahana attacks the police van as Sejal heads to Bada Jail and drives the van into the valley. Yohan looks at the truck and says that Sejal is inside. Drishti says yes. Mahira/Ahana sees Yohan and thinks about hiding. She jumps out of the truck and the truck falls off a cliff into the valley. Yohan finds the van collapsing and burning. He is surprised.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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