Health Department Playing with Corona figures – The Health Department has done sports in Corona figures

Newspaper stand, Amar Ujala, Kanpur Published by: Prabhapunj Mishra Updated Thu May 06, 2021 6:17 PM IST A game of hide and seek is being carried out in Kanpur by manipulating the number of deaths from Corona. The health department is trying to save his life by putting a curtain on daily deaths. In this … Read more

Corona: 42 newly infected infections found – Corona: 42 newly found infections

Corona: 42 newly infected people found12 people from Sardhana, six from Daurala, 15 from Mawana and nine from Kharkhauda.Samvad News AgencySardhana / Daurala / Mawana / Kharkhauda. The health department is expanding the examination area in rural areas. There is some news of relief on Wednesday. Only 42 Corona were found infected, including 12 from … Read more

Police officers improve their health through volleyball – Police officers improve their health through volleyball

Chandauli In addition to better maintaining law and order, the police will keep themselves fit. SP Amit Kumar has instructed police personnel to prepare volleyball courts in every police station to keep them away from psychological stress and improve their health. He insisted on organizing an hour of games every morning and evening. Police officers … Read more

Ghatampur Panchayat Chunav Results Updates – Ghatampur Panchayat Election: 22-year-old Pradhan Komal’s claim to change the image of the village

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Block: streets are deserted, banks and guns overcrowded – Blocked: streets are deserted, crowds of people crowd at banks and ATMs

Amroha. There was silence in the city and in the country on Tuesday due to the lockdown. Many customers could be seen in front of bank branches and ATMs. The main street and market were deserted. The children played sports. Now on Thursday, the movement starts at seven in the morning. At the direction of … Read more

Independent Umashankar Gupta won from Station 1 by breaking the box equation

Samvad News Agency, Sikandararau.Umashankar Gupta of the Baniya Society won in the Thakur Lodhi area. Umashankar, who lost twice by 200 votes in the district’s panchayat elections, has achieved a resounding victory by destroying the caste equation this time. He was also the boss twice. This time he competed against candidates supported by the BJP, … Read more

Bulandshahr Zila Panchayat Chunav result 2021 New Pradhans are athletes lawyer postgraduate – Panchayat elections

Amar Ujala Network, Bulandshahr Published by: Pooja Tripathi Updated Mon May 03, 2021 9:11 PM IST abstract In the election results, which arrived by 5:00 p.m. on Monday evening, there were a total of 14 Pradhans in seven blocks of the district whose education was postgraduate or higher. Having won the race for the post … Read more

Banaras becomes the center of life

Varanasi. Now the lack of oxygen is a thing of the past. Banaras will be the center of Pranavayu. This work is done in a very short time with the help of the district administration. An oxygen system with a capacity of 120 bed patients was put into operation at Deendayal Upadhyay District Hospital in … Read more

Religious site closed, 50 people allowed in wedding ceremony – Religious site closed, 50 people allowed in wedding ceremony

The government has tightened restrictions to break the corona chain. Permission to close the shrines and only 50 people to attend the wedding ceremony was granted. These guidelines were implemented by the government for the next 14 days. The district administration has implemented this.The letter was issued on behalf of the responsible collector Ankit Khandelwal. … Read more

First day of closure: Reduced movement of vehicles, silence on roads – First day of closure: Reduced traffic of vehicles, silence on roads

Amroha. On the first day of the weekly lockdown, there was silence from the city to the highway on Saturday. The movement of the vehicles remained little, but the vehicles of the essential services continued. People bought drugs in the medical supply store. Also for milk packages. On the other hand, the children in the … Read more