Special story of Sant Kabir Das and Guru Gorakhnath in Up Sant Kabir Nagar

Aftab Alam Ansari, Maghar (Sant Kabir Nagar). Published by: vivek shukla Updated Tue June 22, 2021 4:54 PM IST

The samadhi, tomb and cave of Kabir are in Maghar, the place of nirvana of Sadguru Kabir. On the other hand, there are also Kabir Dhuni Ashram and Gorakh Taliya near the village of Kasarwal on the border of the Gorakhpur District, which are associated with Sadguru Kabir, where many saints including Kabir, Guru Gorakhnath, Dhuni Ramai and did penance. Mahant Vichar Das of Kabir Chaura Math states that 119 years have passed in the life of Sadhguru. The five-year fasting vow of Maharajadhiraj Veer Dev Singh Baghel was also fulfilled. It has since been reported that Nawab Bijli Khan from Gorakhpur (Maghar) has come to Kashi and wants to meet Kabir Das.
Kabir Saheb asked him why he came here. The Nawab told him that his area had been in uninterrupted famine for 12 years. It doesn’t rain, there is a lack of food and water, and people are starving. Asked Kabir Saheb to come here to make the problems go away.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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