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Sirf Tum July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani is arrested

Sirf Tum July 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Jai Vijay asking Dean how he could be so lax about turning the responsibility of my son over to a third year student instead of a registered nurse. Suhani says I took responsibility myself. Jai Vijay asks who sent you to kill my son. He approaches Suhani. Aditya comes before her. Jai Vijay asks Suhani to tell who gave her money to kill her son. The inspector asks Jai Vijay not to use guns and to be polite. Jai Vijay asks him to ask Suhani why she put poison in my son’s food. Ranvijay comes there in a wheelchair and says that when I asked her to eat, she knew the food contained poison and so she didn’t eat it. Dean and Inspector ask why she didn’t try the food. Aditya says she is fasting, fasting Tuesday. He says he gave her chocolate but she said she’ll have it later. He asks her to check her purse. Jai Vijay asks the inspector to arrest Suhani. The inspector says we can’t arrest her until evidence is found. Jai Vijay says he will call the supervisor. He goes. Rakesh arrives and asks Suhani not to worry. The inspector asks the policewomen to go with Suhani. Suhani thanks the inspector. She thinks of Ranveer’s words and says she doesn’t need him. You reach the house. Rakesh tells Suhani that Jai Vijay is Vikrant’s business partner. Some idiots come out and ask Suhani to come out. They shoot at the house and throw stones. Aditya asks her to be inside. Ishaan says if Jiju was here he would have beaten them all. Suhani says your sister is enough for them. Dadi asks Rakesh to call Vikrant and asks him to tell Jai Vijay that Suhani is his bahu. Suhani says she doesn’t want Ranveer’s help and can handle it on her own. she wants to go out Rakesh stops Suhani. Aditya asks her not to go. Suhani asks her to trust her. Dadi steps aside and calls Oberoi at home. Mom takes the call. Dadi asks her where is Ranveer? Mamta says he drove out of town for a medical conference and asks where you all are? She asks if Suhani is okay. Sudha grabs the phone from her hand. She breaks the SIM card and begs Dadi not to push Suhani there again. She says Suhani is a warrior and will get out of this problem, I trust her completely.

Suhani comes out and faces the idiots. The thugs point the gun at them. The inspector walks up and tells Suhani that they have a warrant out for her arrest. Rakesh and Aditya try to avoid their arrest. The inspector asks her to let her follow the protocol. Suhani sees a guy walking and thinks if he’s Ranveer. She tells Rakesh she’ll come back with respect, your daughter won’t upset you, I promise. She sits in the police jeep and thinks I’ll create my own identity, that’s my promise to you and me. Suhani’s family gets worried and watery eyes. Aditya looks sad.

The inspector tells Suhani that he brought her here to the magistrate’s house for her safety as they cannot arrest the woman at night. Thinking of breaking her fast, she approaches the window. Aditya comes there and rings the bell. The inspector opens the door. Aditya says food delivery. The inspector says I can’t let you in. Aditya asks if I can wait outside. Suhani comes and asks him to go home. Aditya says I am not afraid of Ranvijay and asks her to break her fast. The inspector says outside food is not allowed in the magistrate’s house. Aditya says she has been hungry since morning. Suhani asks him to go home and says she will make it. She shows him chocolate and comes to the window. Sirftum plays….

Preface: Suhani looks at the moon and says that this moon is witnessed, that she held this fast for what she loved and breaks the fast by witnessing the same moon. She breaks her fast. Ranveer drinks wine and says I will remind you of your mistake and you will realize it. Suhani says I get justice without you, I don’t need you.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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