Sirf Tum July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani is disappointed with her rank

Sirf Tum July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani is disappointed with her rank

Sirf Tum July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani is disappointed with her rank

Sirf Tum July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Suhani and Aditya coming to class. Suhani apologizes to the professor for being late. Professor asks her to sit down. He asks the student to tell something about microbiology. He says wrong. Then he asks Suhani to say what is virus? Suhani gives the answer. Aditya smiles. Professor says correct and asks her to sit down. Professor asks Aditya to say what is disease? Aditya says disease we all have. Professor asks him to sit down.

Suhani shaves Rakesh’s beard while Ishaan holds the mirror. Sudha looks inside. Aditya follows the taxi that Suhani is driving home in. He later helps Rakesh walk and asks him to focus. Suhani, Sudha and Dadi are happy to see him running. The professor teaches microbiology to the students. Suhani thinks of Ranveer and gets lost in his thoughts. The professor finishes the class and leaves. Aditya asks Suhani to come. Finding her lost, he says, “I know something is bothering you and I know you are uncomfortable sharing it. He says he’s ready to listen and asks what’s wrong with her face. He asks her to smile. She smiles. He says we’re going.

After a year, Sudha is waiting for Suhani. Rakesh gets there holding a support stand. He asks Suhani came? Sudha says she’s on her way. Suhani comes home. Sudha asks if the result came. Suhani says I reached rank 5. Dad is happy. Suhani is upset. Dadi asks why are you upset? Suhani says I wanted to be at the top, I worked hard but didn’t make it. Rakesh says I’m sure you’ll come out on top in the final. He says that when I couldn’t speak, I also understood your pain. he says it was my helplessness that i couldn’t ask you. He says we’re all together now and asks her to say what’s on her mind. He comes to her and asks her to say what’s on her mind. Suhani says Ranveer. The pain he caused me doesn’t make me forget him and his hatred. She says I can’t focus on my studies and says she’s angry at him and her memories and says the guy stoops low. She says I don’t understand. Rakesh gets angry at Ranveer, stands up and asks Ishaan to give him his cell phone. He says he’ll call Ranveer. He punches in Ranveer’s number. Suhani says she broke the sim to end the connections. Rakesh asks her to take her hate out on him and move on. She says when all connections end, hate ends too. He calls Ranveer. Ranveer takes the call and asks who is speaking? Rakesh says I’m Suhani’s dad. Suhani will speak to you. Ranveer says your daughter left nothing. Rakesh says you need to talk to her, she is sad and in pain and this is affecting her studies. Ranveer says remind her that without him she’s nothing and says that because of me she’s ahead in freshman year but can’t make it to the finals. Suhani ends the call and says if Ranveer thinks I excelled because of him, then he’s wrong. She says she will surpass her exam and show him his right place.

Mamta comes to Ranveer’s room and then goes to the temple and asks God what she has done that she is being punished. She says my son is a doctor, and besides, he’s ruining himself and there’s nothing I can do. She says you’re testing me and promises she won’t light the diya in the temple until her son returns to her. She is walking and climbing the stairs when she slips and falls. Vikrant comes running and calls Mamta ji. He asks what happened and lets her get up. Samaira holds her hand. Vikrant asks her to keep an eye out and says an ambulance is coming. Mom says I just need my son. Dada ji says I don’t know if Ranveer will take the call or not. Samaira calls Ranveer that Mamta fell off the stairs and asks him to come home. Mamta takes the call and says she won’t be treated by another doctor, only by him. She tells that Mata Rani hurts her to get Ranveer on the right path. She faints. Vikrant says call the ambulance quick.

Suhani sees Aditya in front of college and tells him that today she will ride his bike. He asks what happened? She says let’s go. He says you can put your hand on my shoulder. Mom regains consciousness in the hospital. Vikrant says thank God you are fine and asks how is she? Mom calls Ranveer. She says you broke my promise and asks why you brought me here. Vikrant says Ranveer brought you here, he ran home when he found out about you. Dada ji says he is talking to a doctor. Vikrant opens the door and shows her Ranveer standing outside. Dada ji says he became a doctor for you. Mom gets tears in her eyes with joy. Samaira says you’re coming home with Ranveer. Vikrant says very soon.

Prelude: Sudha asks Suhani to break her Karwachauth fast if she really has severed all ties with him. Suhani picks up the food plate.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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