The news of the demise of actor Shiv Kumar Subramaniam has shocked the entire industry. From films to television, he had left a different mark with his acting. Siva Subramaniam was not only an actor but he also wrote screenplays for films. Actors associated with the entertainment world are expressing their condolences on social media on the death of the actor. Producer-director Anurag Kashyap has penned an emotional note on social media remembering the moments spent with actor Shiv Kumar Subramaniam. He has narrated his journey from the first meeting with the actor to working with him.

Director Anurag Kashyap shared a picture of actor Shiv Kumar Subramaniam on his Instagram account and shared his memories with him, writing, “In the year 1992, I was doing a play with Jana Natya Manch and we were at the Prithvi Theater Festival. Came to Mumbai to perform, the first person, my first personality I saw on earth was Francis of “Parinda”, he was Siva Subramaniam, who was also the writer of the film.”

Sharing further anecdote, Anurag writes, “Year 1994.. I was working on my first independent script for a production house called Media Classic, with the condition that my script would be made only after pre production, Shiv Subramaniam and will be directed by Shivam Nair. He was having problems with the script and I was a desperate young writer waiting for my turn. There came a time when he was ready to drop the film “Auto Narayan”, which Was in pre production. I requested him to let me go on the script and not close it, so my film gets made later. Shiva and Shivam graciously allowed me to do so. “Auto Narayan” became and my script was ever Didn’t make

Anurag further writes, “After watching the film, Siva Subramaniam asked Shivam to put my name as the writer’s credit on the film as well. That’s how I got my first screenwriting credit in this film industry. That’s Auto Narayan. “Took me to RGV and the “truth” happened. Much of what I am belongs to Shiv Dada and we were not in touch with me for long due to my persistently poor health and state of mind. Heart of Dada’s demise Waking up to hear the shocking news has taken a lot from me. ️Rest in Peace Shiva Subramaniam. Most generous, handsome man I have known.


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