Sherdil Shergill 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj convinces Manmeet

Sherdil Shergill 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj convinces Manmeet

Sherdil Shergill 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj convinces Manmeet

Sherdil Shergil Jan 3, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode opens with Raj asking why the customers didn’t like the presentation. Hussain says he didn’t tell you, he took my class, I had to call Manmeet for emergency, Manmeet presented ideas and we got clients, he told me not to tell you, but let me tell you in my own words. It was a mistake to talk about Raj asking where is she. Hussain says that she is not here. Ajit gets a call from Puneet. He asks what happened to Manmeet now. She doesn’t say anything, she wanted to talk to you about Gunjan, she’s worried, I don’t feel well. She says that I will come soon and try to find out. Raj comes home. Radhe says you left the phone here, Manmeet came home and took Anmol, she left with her bag, I saw a passport in her hand. Raj calls Manmeet.

Ajit asks Gunjan’s in-laws why Gunjan didn’t come with them. His mother-in-law says that she wanted to spend time with Manmeet, did Gunjan say something? Ajit says no, Puneet was worried. Roshan’s father says that she is like our daughter, Roshan is going to Bombay, Gunjan wants Raj to help Roshan. Ajit says that maybe that is the reason why he didn’t tell Puneet. He’s leaving. Bhairav ​​asks who told you that Manmeet is leaving for the office. Badi says I’ve heard it myself. She says that Raj makes mistakes, we scold Manmeet.

Nirali asks what are you saying? Bhairav ​​says that Hussain told me everything, we must have suffered a loss of 2000 crores. Murari says that we abused Raj’s wife in front of him. Bhairav ​​says that we have to change, I will not misbehave with Manmeet or speak ill of him. He asks them to calm down. Badi says that Choti will not agree. He says that she should come and apologize to Manmeet, otherwise I won’t give her any part of the property, Raj will leave the house this time. Raj comes and asks for Manmeet. He says that no one has seen Manmeet going with the bag. Bhairav ​​says that I was going to apologize to him. Nirali says that she could have told us. Raj says that he was saving me. the va Murari says it means they will get closer now. Puneet asks if you came to know. Ajit says nothing, everything is fine. She says that Gunjan was crying, I am her mother, I know something is wrong. She says that everything is fine here. She gets a call from Raj.

Raj asks if Manmeet got there. She says no why. She says that she went somewhere after our fight, it’s my fault. He asks her where she went she must have gone to the airport. Raj says yes I’m going there. Puneet worries. Manmeet and Anmol are in a cafe. Raj gets a message from the bank. He reads the card used at the cafe, airport branch.

He runs away. He asks Manmeet where are you going, I’m a fool please where are you going and why, no one knows about you, I’m priceless and I can’t survive without you. She says you thought I was leaving, you fool. She apologizes and asks where you are going. She says Dubai, I have a job offer, I thought I’d go there and see. She says you didn’t tell me. She says I called you three times, the flight is delayed, I thought I’d have a coffee and work, how did you know I’m here? She says that she has opened a joint account for us, she has prepared the invoice here and I got the receipt. He asks why you turned off the phone. She says that she’s sorry, Anmol must have done this by mistake. He then says you’re not going to leave me. She says no, don’t get these hopes up. He smiles. He says you’ve given him this resignation, okay. She says yes you wrote it, it was helpful. He breaks it. He says just handle it, I can’t handle all this, you are the CEO of the company from now on. She says that I have decided this. She says over, it’s his MD’s order. She says that she can handle it again. He asks her to take care of her. He says you will handle me I know I promise I will try not to make this happen again please forgive me. She asks Anmol if we forgive your father. she laughs. Raj thanks him.

end the episode

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