Sherdil Shergill 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj suspects Bhairav’s plan

Sherdil Shergill 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj suspects Bhairav’s plan

Sherdil Shergill 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj suspects Bhairav’s plan

Sherdil Shergil Feb 2, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Manmeet going to Raj and asking for forgiveness. Raj says don’t be cool, it’s my fault too, I get angry hearing Abhishek’s name. She says that she is fine. He says no, we’re not a normal couple, we shouldn’t fight, trust is the foundation of our relationship, I’m sorry. She says yes, we have to fix our lives. Raj asks Yojana. She stops him. She says that I am going to say goodbye tomorrow, you, me and Anmol. Raj says permission is given come. He hugs her. It is morning, Abhishek comes to the office. Hussain asks if we start. Abhishek says that we will let Manmeet come. Hussain says that I am sorry to inform you, she is suffering from high fever, she will not come, we will see the work. Abhishek calls someone and smiles. Murari arrives at Manmeet’s house. She asks him to come. She says sorry I came suddenly, Nirali has sent guavas for you, you look good, I came to know that you have a fever. Raj asks Manmeet to get ready. She says we’re going to have lunch. Murari asks them to leave. He’s leaving. She asks if you lied to her. Raj says no, let’s go there. Raj and Manmeet arrive at the restaurant. She says that you have chosen this restaurant, it is close to the office, I lied there, if someone comes here… she Says that you are the general manager, don’t worry, we will lie if someone comes. Abhishek, Hussain and the client arrive there. Abhishek looks at Manmeet. He says that he wishes Manmeet was here, work slows down because he’s not here. Abhishek drops the glass. He works and says Manmeet…. The man says that she was sick, how is she here. Abhishek goes and teases her. Hussain says Manmeet, you didn’t tell me, you sent me a message that you are not well. She says I know, I feel better now. Abhishek says that I know you well, you never lie, but I can understand that there have been many changes in your life after marriage. Manmeet says we’ll keep things in the office, I’m enjoying my family lunch right now. Abhishek says that you lied when you knew that my partner had come to see you. Hussain asked to come. Abhishek says I’m coming, they are newlyweds, let them enjoy, I didn’t know that her passion could end, it had to happen when she was a housewife. He says I’m warning you, don’t bring Raj into this, talk to me. He jokes about Raj. She says that Raj is not supporting or protecting you, he is enjoying his food, I think his bravery is limited to home. Raj gets up and scolds her.

He says it’s not Manmeet’s fault, I met him at lunch, get lost. Abhishek says come on hit me. he jokes Raj holds his neck and scolds him. Manmeet stops Raj. Hussain asks Raj to stop him. He says your dad is taking the company down, let me handle it. Abhishek asks Raj to kill him. Raj hits her. Manmeet asks Raj to calm down. Hussain asks him to take Raj.

Raj and Manmeet return home. He says you broke his nose, I was handling it. Raj says I’m calm, why don’t you believe it? How did Abhishek get there? He coincidentally says that the restaurant is close to the office, so I ask that you never lie. He says that I called him there, I told Murari about our lunch program, I wanted to see if he would send Abhishek there. She says that Hussain took her there, you’re thinking, I’m stressed that he will file a police report against you. He says that if my suspicion is correct, then he won’t file a complaint. Bhairav ​​meets Abhishek. He asks what is he. Abhishek says that your son has beaten me. Bhairav ​​laughs and says that he is my son, what a job. Abhishek says that we had a fight. Bhairav ​​asks how dare you raise your hand on my son. Abhishek says I didn’t even touch her, he has hit me, I will work in a few days. Bhairav ​​scolds him. He says I give you three days time, I’ll tell Manmeet you’re not the CEO, you’ve been kicked out of the company. He shows something to Abhishek. He says that I have the photo of your wife and your son. Abhishek says that you will not do anything to them. Bhairav ​​says yes, a person’s son is weakness, Raj left me, I want Raj back, do as I said, I promise I will install you anywhere. Abhishek says that he will be done. He receives a call from Hussain. He says that my colleagues left the project, it happened because of Manmeet, call him tomorrow if you want to save the project. He asks Bhairav ​​not to worry, it will happen as he wishes.

Manmeet apologizes to Abhishek. She says I hope you’re okay now. She says that my classmates have left. Hussain says that we have to prevent customers from dealing with anyone else, he asks Raj to apologize to Abhishek personally. She says it’s not possible, that he won’t agree, I know. He asks why. She says that he is stubborn and immature, how Raj lost his temper in front of Anmol, everything was fine before. Abhishek starts recording. Manmeet says I want to say that things were good before marriage, we have so many misunderstandings and fights, I am tired, I feel like handling two children. she cries. Abhishek smiled.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amina

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