Sherdil Shergill 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan suggests Manmeet to bring a fake husband

Sherdil Shergill 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan suggests Manmeet to bring a fake husband

Sherdil Shergill 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Gunjan suggests Manmeet to bring a fake husband

Sherdil Shergill Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode starts with Raj asking Jaanu what you’re doing there. The girl scolds him and asks who the boy is. Manmeet stops him. The girl gives him her phone number. She says sorry you had to wait because of me. Manmeet says well, it was my happiness. The girl leaves. Manmeet gets a call from Gunjan. Donkey Gunjan, what have you decided? Manmeet asks what I will decide, you tell me. Gunjan says that this is my life decision, I want my family to stay with me. Manmeet says don’t ignore Anmol. Gunjan asks him to stop him. Manmeet asks what I did, tell me, I just said that I will come with Anmol, who has he except me, where will I leave him and why. Gunjan says that your ego is saying this. Manmeet says that I am his mother, his whole world, it occurs to me to leave him alone, that I will celebrate there, I will lie that I am still single, I will deny my precious life. I’ll bring Anmol with me, dad won’t let this happen, dad is worried that Anmol doesn’t have a father, that I don’t have a husband. Gunjan says bring a husband from the market, bring someone for the drama, there shouldn’t be any problem in my marriage.

At Raj’s house, Raj’s mother arrives from jogging. She calls the servant. She asks what it is, my birthday is next month. They say someone had sent it for Raj. She checks Raj’s girlfriend’s card. She screams and calls everyone. She talks about the girl’s letter. Bhairav ​​looks on. The servant asks Raj to get up and go see. Raj walks out and sees the family. The boy reads the letter. Bhairav ​​also reads the letter. He looks at Raj. Raj is freaked out by the slap from him. Bhairav ​​asks what happened come here we will both talk later. He gives her the letter and leaves. Ray is surprised. His mother asks her to ask if he knows this girl. Raj sees them. He says Amma, nothing is from me, I mean the girl can know me, I don’t know her, she didn’t write her or my real name, anyone can joke, I’ll go to the office and find out. He goes. The family argues. The man says I want to say something, Raj was with a boy, so Jaanu was upset, it means he has two GFs. Raj meets his girlfriend. He says that the whole family has read your letter. She says I don’t know what you’re saying. They say they will marry us. She says it’s fine. She says I told you not to do this, that we don’t even know each other. She says you think I’ll do such a stupid thing. She reads the sign and says Chief, maybe he has done this mischief. He asks her why she would do this. He asks her why she would do this. She says that I cried in front of her, I think he is happy to know this, maybe he did it to fight us. He thinks and shakes his head. He goes to Manmeet and says that I urgently need to talk.

Manmeet ends his meeting of imps. She asks Raj what the problem is. He asks why you sent me flowers. She asks if I will send her flowers. She says you thought about telling my family about my girlfriend, so my dad will kill me and you can get rid of me. She asks if you are able to listen to yourself, you are serious, I have no problem. She says I will reveal your secret. She warns him and asks him to come out now. Hussain A. Says we have to talk in private. raj leaves. He calls someone. He says that he created this mess and cheated on me in front of the boss. Manmeet says that when we try to achieve more and more in our life we ​​become unhappier. Hussain asks what the problem is, he looks, you have become a philosopher. She says that my real sister is getting married, I can’t go there, it’s all in vain. She says let me talk to your dad, I’ll figure everything out. She says they will hit you, you tried to talk to her when she was pregnant, she scolded you. He says I remember, life is very complicated, you and I are perfect business partners, you can’t meet your parents and I… I’m looking forward to meeting my daughter, it’s a court order, it’s been 6 months, I didn’t see what. She says I know you’re worried but I want a solution for me, a husband for hire, what’s this idea? He laughs. He says that’s fine, we’ll find a solution for you. He sees the secret. Raj talks to the staff and laughs. Hussain says I met him, your husband, he’s there. She asks who, Mishra ji? He says and… she asks who. He is called Raj Kumar Yadav.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amena

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