Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet decides to attend the Engagment function of Rajkumar

Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet decides to attend the Engagment function of Rajkumar

Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet decides to attend the Engagment function of Rajkumar

Sherdil Shergill Nov 1, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Puneet Shergill thinking but Manmeet said that she met Rajkumar a few years ago after which they both secretly got married and their son Anmol was born, she said the same thing in the video. Puneet remembers how they were always together and cared about Anmol a lot, which she also heard when Rajkumar said that they both want Gungun to marry in peace. Ajit comes and tells him that he should stop thinking about it, explaining that there is nothing between them since Manmeet kicked him out of the house. Puneet explains that he invited her even after what happened between Manmeet and Rajkumar, while Gungun’s in-laws are very close to her, so she would definitely have been invited, if her in-laws were hers. She finds out that Manmeet and Rajkumar were right, so she is worried. The act of being husband and wife.
Ajit assures that none of this will happen as Bhar Yadav will not allow this to happen, he knows why they both lied. Puneet tries to explain that her daughter will be in trouble, she is worried so he suggests that they should go to Mr. Yadav’s house. Ajit refuses to explain as Manmeet says that they will not attend the engagement, Puneet asks since when did he start listening to her, Ajit clarifies if he thinks it is the right thing to do, he will accept it and apologize to everyone and he will. even take the help of Mr. Yadav. But everyone gets to know about the truth, so what is the need to hide it from them, he assures that he will do it.

Manmeet asks Aane what she’s driving and says she wants to know about that too, Puneet suggests they should go to Rajkumar’s performance, Manmeet explains that she won’t go to her room and gets ready twenty minutes early. , Ajit replies that he doesn’t understand this girl, Puneet is excited so he asks her to get ready too.

Manmeet calls out to Rajkumar while choosing her outfit, he replies that she cannot live without talking to him, but Manmeet asks what Anisha’s favorite color is as she wants to give it to her business partner’s daughter-in-law. She thought that she would know all about her choice as they talked, but her gift would be pending, he explains that today is her engagement, so she must come, Manmeet ends the call, says that she is happy that she is getting married.

Murari is instructing the workers to complete as it is time for the ceremony.

Chhoti tells him while speaking on the call that the success of her plan depends on her and if he can’t follow through with it, he will definitely see her anger. Nirali asks what she is talking about, she becomes a little scared as her mother is standing there, when she is scared, when is Nirali coming? Nirali asks who she was threatening, Choti replies that she doesn’t know what Manmeet can do in Raj, however, Nirali is furious and says that she knows that Manmeet works with her father, so why did she make that mistake? ? She also tells Choti that she must do something as the ceremony is about to begin.

Rajkumar is in the room when Nirali asks why he is not ready yet, Raj makes her sit down and tells her that he is very tense because everything is running so fast, he tells her that he must also know that she was planning to escape. Nirali laughs and says that there is nothing to worry about as these things prove that he is a good person, so what about his future wife who leaves his whole family and comes to live with them at this house? Raj mentions that he can’t understand it, Nirali reveals that he has a method that has been used in his family. Nirali suggests that he should close his eyes to think that they are expecting a family photo during their engagement, while the seat next to her is empty, he should think as if his fiancee was walking in front and sitting next to her, the prince. he looks at Madame Shergill, her mother suggests that she keep her face in her mind and look straight ahead, so they take the picture. Nirali asks with a smile if he saw Anisha as his mother used to say that it is really beneficial, she suggests that he should go down, Raj wonders what he is doing, since he once looked at the one who scolded him yesterday.

Anisha arrives with her family, they are greeted with flowers as Mr. Yadav welcomes them and asks where Raji is. As Rajkumar arrives in a formal dress with a blue coat, they decide to go inside when Radha suggests they take a group photo. Mr. Yadav asks Anisha to stay with Rajkumar, she whispers if she couldn’t sleep last night, Raj doesn’t understand then replies that she thought he must have been dreaming about her, the whole family smiles when Radha asks them to say Indian cheese .

Manmeet arrives at the function alone when Anisha kneels, Radha says that Anisha was removed from the photo while Mrs. Shergill appears in the photo, Radha apologizes for taking another photo.

Mr. Yadav welcomed Madam Shergill and said that he was glad that she had come to the function with her whole family, Manmeet did not understand this and added that he felt that she was still angry about the events that happened in the past, but since he has come to the ceremony, he has finished everything. Suspicious, he calls Murari to show him her seat. Nirali asks why he invited Manmeet, Mr. Yadav replies that he wanted to see if there is still something between them, but he must be calm, now no one can stop this engagement.

Choti stands up when her husband asks what she is planning as he can see her by her expressions, she replies that there will be two problems today, the first is the drink she is serving while the second is her. Who comes to drink? the juice.
Gungun’s in-laws are in the taxi when she explains that she doesn’t know why Mr. Yadav called her so early and even sends her plane tickets as she wants them to be at the ceremony.
While attending the party, Manmeet constantly notices that Rajkumar is busy with Anisha.
Mr. Yadav informs Gopal to see Manmeet pointing out that she is Hussain Sahab’s partner but he has put them in trouble by demanding ten floors in his project so they are trying to convince him, Hussain explains that there is some problem related to Although Mr. Yadav stops him, Gopal explains that he has heard that Mrs. Shergill doesn’t listen to anyone when Mr. Yadav explains that she is the same with strangers.

Nirali is welcoming the guests when Puneet goes to greet her, it seems as if she has forgotten about him. When Nirali assures that there is nothing to that, she feels uncomfortable asking Puneet if there is. When she Nirali ensures that her daughters have been cared for. Of. Everything except if she wants to drink something, Puneet asks if all the relatives have come, Nirali gets angry and asks what she means.

Manmeet is playing with Anmol, Rajkumar comes with Anisha, she is really surprised to see Anmol, so she asks if Manmeet is married, but when she doesn’t answer Anisha’s questions, Rajkumar tells her something. her husband is dead, the prince asks Anisha to let Manmeet speak, which clarifies that she is not married. Rajkumar showers his love on Anmol and asks her if she misses her father, Anisha questions what she said, since she only said that he was her father, but Rai clarifies that she said that if Anmol is had brought the puppy. Anisha mentions that Rajkumar seems very comfortable with Anmol, Raj clarifies that he spent a lot of time with her in Shimla. Anisha is shocked to hear this as Rajkumar and Manmeet tense up.

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