Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Dec 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Simar professes his love for Arindam, but outside the room, he is actually holding Aarav’s hand. His love is only for Aarav, who is hiding outside the room. Aarav gently asks Simar to come to the warehouse later and leaves. Arindam seems pleased with Simar’s act of love. But both Dida and Dubru still do not believe Simar’s words. Simar calls Dabru his brother-in-law. But Dabru does not answer him. Simar leaves the room angry that Dabru is suspicious and disrespectful towards her. She goes towards Aarav’s store. Dida tries to warn Arindam about Simar’s false love, but Arindam’s love for Simar makes him blindly trust Simar.

Simar approaches Aarav and hugs him tightly. They both express their love for each other. Dubru leaves Arindam’s room to find Simar and he too follows Simar’s scent into the shop. Dubru catches Simar and Aarav red-handed. Dabru threatens them both to reveal his plan. But then Reema arrives and the three of them hold her on both sides. Aarav starts beating him but Dabru works some magic on Aarav and defeats him.

So Reema and Simar try to control it. But unfortunately they fail and then Simar takes off his mangal sutra and ties it around Dubru’s neck. Dabru falls to the ground unconscious, as Matarani’s blessings defeat Dabru’s evil power.
Aarav, Reema and Simar join hands to show unity and strength. Here, Arindam’s grandmother dresses her dangerously and organizes a havan and continues her ritual to demoralize the Oswal family. Simar asks Aarav if there is any chance to doubt him. Aarav confirms that Arindam cannot believe that Dabru is trapped in Vivaan’s room.

Nani declares a devastating war against the Oswal family. She begins to spin clockwise. The clock shows the past time. Everyone gets confused when seeing the time on clocks. Simar feels that there is something mysterious and sinister. She looks for Nani. Suddenly, she walks into Arindam’s room and sees a strange havan arrangement. Simar tells Aarav that she herself was unable to locate Nani and Arindam. Gajendra and Giriraj are fooled by the whole situation. Simar tells Riyansh that she is safe. Suddenly the weather turns bad.

Simar suddenly remembers that Vivaan is alone in his room. She runs to Vivaan’s room and sees Arindam and Nani there. Arindam threatens Simar with a knife, whether she really loves him or not. Simar tactfully continues his act and promises Arindam that she will continue to support him.
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Precap: Simar says that they only have three days to save themselves. Evil laughs at his own conspiracies.

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