Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Charulatha shocks Oswal family

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Charulatha shocks Oswal family

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Charulatha shocks Oswal family

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Feb 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Gajendra making the evil bride wear mangalsutra. Aarav approaches Simar and tells him that our love story started like this, in front of Agnidevta, you came into my life with a wedding dress and my life was changed forever. Gunjan says that I won’t let you ruin our plan, it’s our turn to win. She goes to Simar to electrocute her. Simar recovers and goes to the mandap. Pandit ji says that the marriage is complete. Masumi stares at him and tells him not to go. Simar takes her to one side of her and goes to lift her bridal veil. Badimaa stops Simar and says that only a mother-in-law cannot see the bride’s face for the first time. She lifts the veil and white smoke rises from the ground. The storm is coming in the sky. Badima is surprised and removes it. The doors close. They all listen to the storm and put their hands to their ears. Charulata’s hair flies. Gajendra looks at Charulatha, followed by others. Badima asks who he is. Masumi and Gunjan smile. Reema asks who she is. Simar says that he doesn’t know but where is Sandhya maa? Vivaan asks who she is. Aarav says where is her mother? Badimaa asks Gajendra, whom she married, that she was hiding in her veil. She asks where our Sandhya bahu is. Sandhya is inside the room with the red door and she bangs her head against the door, looking lost. Badima asks Gajendra how he was able to fool her and everyone. Gajendra is still in shock. Charulata asks Gajendra to tell my mother-in-law and the others, and she ends the wait for her. Giriraj says that this can’t be possible. Charulata says that you have not changed, you were silent 25 years ago and until now. She asks Giriraj who he is. She asks if you forgot my face in 25 years. Simar finds out about her and names her Charulata. Charulata says wow, the one who didn’t see me, he recognized me. He says that I have heard a lot about you, today I have seen you. She says that you are very smart, and says that Simar said well, I am Charulata.

Badimaa says that you cannot be Charulata and tells Gajendra that you said that she is dead. Charulata says that I didn’t die, but they killed me because of all of you. Badima tells herself that Charulata was dead, she can’t be here. Charulata asks him to say her name again and says that no one took my name in 25 years and now this name will scare all of you. Giriraj says that she was dead, how can she be here? Charulata asks Gajendra, you must be wondering why I have come back. She says that I have come to take revenge on all of you for me and my daughters. She asks Masumi to come over. Masumi goes to him. Charulata then calls Gunjan to come to her. They all look for it. The invisible Gunjan walks towards Charulata and stands next to her. Charulata says that one of my daughters is weak of mind but not of aim. She says that my other daughter is Gunjan, that she is invisible and dead, but her purpose keeps her here in this world. She makes Gunjan visible to everyone with her evil powers. Everyone is shocked to see Gunjan. Gajendra is glad to see Gunjan. Charulata says that my daughters did not have a normal life because of you, she says that one of my daughters was stillborn and the other one was living life but dying every moment, and all of you were celebrating Holi and Diwali, as if nothing had happened. She screams and her hair blows in the wind, and the windows open and close noisily. Charulatha asks why her death didn’t bother her, or her grief didn’t cause her pain. She turns out to be everyone’s surprise. Masumi and Gunjan smile. Charulata says that now fear will be in the house and fear will be in your veins. They all try to get out of there. Charulata yells and says that there is no way to escape, all the exits are closed. She closes her eyes and becomes of normal height. She says it was just a little glimpse, the drama is yet to come. Badimaa asks why you came and what do you want from us. Charulata shouts Griha Pravesh. She says I want you to enter my house with all the customs. She asks everyone to go and arrange for Graha Pravesh for her. She asks Simar, won’t you welcome me?

Precap: Simar and Reema are dancing. charulata dances. She says that the moment of victory has come, one of my daughters will not remain a ghost and the other will not be weak. She says that the time has come for them to unite. They all see Masumi and Gunjan unite.

Update credit: H Hassan

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