Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Badima agrees to Aditi and Gagan’s marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Badima agrees to Aditi and Gagan’s marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Badima agrees to Aditi and Gagan’s marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28 April 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Badima saying I need your permission, then everything will be peaceful, I will not let anyone come in between their happiness, I want your consent, I want to take Simar home, I want Aarav. To get his happiness, we can not live without Simar. She requests him to give Simar. Avinash and Indu agree. Aarav and Simar smile. Badima takes a pearl necklace for Simar. She says you will get the family you always longed for. She makes Simar wear a necklace. Simar wept with joy. Drama of Sasural Simar…

Badima says Simar asked you for her family. Aarav says yes. Simar seeks Badima’s blessings. She says I have one condition, in fact, it is a request from my heart, when it is about completing the incomplete relationship, there is another incomplete relationship, you have come here to get a daughter, you are also in this Give a daughter in the house, give it to Aditi, my brother. Badima and everyone gets shocked. Dhami is waiting outside. She says very soon my second plan will start, Simar will be completely away from Aarav.

Simar requests Badima. Gagan sees Aditi. Simar says they can’t live without each other, give their love to Gagan and a family to their child. Roma and Reema also stand with Simar and join hands in front of Badima. Badma goes away.

Sandhya and Gajendra say mother…. Simar signs Gagan. Gagan apologizes to Badima for his sins. He says I am not sorry to love Aditi, her love is my courage, my pride, my identity. Aditi cries. He says please return me the happiness of my life, give Aditi’s hand to me, Aditi and our baby are not just responsibilities but good luck, mother’s blessings, don’t take them away from me, I promise I will never give you back. I will not complain.

Aditi cries and says I broke your trust by crossing my limits, I am really sorry, Gagan and I are apologizing to you, please forgive us, bless us start a new life. Simar says it is a happy day, Aditi was also your house kanjak, she is joining hands with you, please accept. Badima says you listen to my decision now. She cries. She says I decide that Aarav and Simar will not get married now. Everyone gets shocked. Gajendra says mother.

Badima says let me complete, Aditi and Gagan’s marriage will happen before Aarav and Simar’s wedding. They all smile happily. Badima says but it will be good to see Aditi’s condition in court. Badima asks Avinash and Indu if they accept Aditi for Gagan. Avinash says yes. She asks will I get the wedding date for them. He says for sure. Indu hugs Sandhya. Gajendra hugs Avinash. Aditi hugs Reema and Vivaan. Badima blesses Gagan and Aditi. She asks will you kidnap me again? Gagan Signs No. Badima says welcome to Oswal family. Thanks Gagan. She hugs them.

Yamini shows Samar her favorite food. She asks him to finish. He says I will not leave it, it is very tasty, you have magic in your hands. She says this smile is because of something. He says I heard Simar’s recorded song, it is amazing, his goodness is reflected in his work, it is perfect, it will be superhit. She says I am also happy, no need to worry, Simar will record rest of her songs. He says I feel so too. Gagan says congratulations on marriage, mommy darling. Aditi also tells you Papa sweetheart. Indu blesses Aditi. She wears him bangles. She says keep it as omen. Sandhya nodded Aditi’s head. Sandhya and Indu plan shopping for Aditi and Simar. Gajendra says he started planning the purchase. Badima says her daughters are getting married, do good shopping. Aarav catches Simar and tells jokes. they smile. Badima says I wish both the families should be happy. Dhami says my plan worked, preparations for Aarav and Simar’s wedding will start, good. Badima says that all the ceremonies will be as per the wish of the children, but there will be no singing or dancing in any of the functions. Indu shakes her head. Badima leaves. Aarav looks at Simar. Dhami says no, the story has just started, there are many heartbreaks, you take suggestions from me and then see, there will be no happiness or family members will not leave to celebrate it, time for phase 2.

episode ends

Update Credits: H Hassan

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